This Guy that Cracks Me Up and We Picture This

I was recently left a comment by Rick at Organized Doodles who found me through surfing.  Head over to check it out.  But be forewarned, his ‘Doodles’ as he calls them will have you laughing out loud, so read at your own discretion 🙂

Another wonderful site I’ve just discovered is We Picture This run by Rebecca of China, Baby!  It is a great new site for photography.  You can contribute photo’s, pick up tips and just have fun.  I plan to be a frequent visitor (and maybe share a picture or three 🙂
In other news this week, while I sort of solved the paper issue for my contest (A4 will be ok, though I worry it will make me stick out too much) now I am freaking out about the font!  I recently read an article about submitting a manuscript and that editors like courier or courier new for them to be printed in because it makes it easier to edit (more space in a word for marking).  Alright, it’s ugly but I’ll do what I’m told.  I also learned from a past judge of the contest that they only read the first three chapters, they only ask (in this contest) that you send a full manuscript because they want proof it’s finished.  You may be lucky if you are a finalist that an editor will want to read the whole thing.  Well, now I am freaking out that my first three chapters aren’t good enough.  I’m printing them out to read through them and try to be objective.
I also can submit no more than 55 pages including the partial (3 chapters) and the synopsis.  Once I change the font, my partial becomes 52 pages.  I can sneak in a two to three page synopsis and be at the limit.  Which is good since my synopsis is about two pages at the moment.  This contest thing is way more complicated than I had figured on!  And that’s before I have to get six copies of the partial and synopsis printed.

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