I’ve Been Tagged…again

Ok so this time I got tagged by Tressa at American in Norway.   And I like her so much I’ll be a sport and play along (even though, it’s like a total of 16 things I’m going to have to think up 🙂

4 Things I did today:
Umm, made dinner – this counts cause it took me over an hour (penne with a vodka cream sauce from scratch)
Wrote the epilogue to my latest project (even though the book is only on chapter 10, haha, I know what happens!)
Just got home from going to the square for Häagen Daas and Starbucks, yum.
Made popcorn for the movie afternoon with my family
4 Random facts about me:
I love post it notes, big or little.  
I love the movie Gone With the Wind, I think Scarlet is fun cause she’s so wicked.
I could watch Friends reruns everyday (and we tend to do just that at night)
I spend way too much time reading blogs!
4 things on my to-do list for today:
Finish writing synopsis
Update my iPod
4 of my guilty pleasures:
Reading blogs
Pop music (shh!)
Balsamic Vinegar chips
I’m not tagging anyone but feel free to tag yourself!

3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged…again

  1. I like this meme. I am definitely going to have to tuck it away for future use. When I can’t think of anything to write about. Like maybe tomorrow.Can you believe I have never seen Friends?Have you read Gone with the Wind? So, so much better than the movie!


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