My First SITS Post

After reading about all this SITS  (aka The Secret is in the Sauce) stuff (and since everyone is doing it, and ya’ know I’m a follower!) I’m giving this SITS thing a try.  Please forgive me if I do it incorrectly 🙂

From what I understand I need to tell you all about some blogs I found on the SITS site.  Well, the first one I discovered is one I sure would love to emulate!  This Momma of three two and under (yes, that’s one 2 year old and twin 1 year olds) is so creative.  Chronicles of a Mommy
I’d love to have even a touch of her creativity.  The sweet fabric butterfly she made into a t-shirt applique, so cute and creative.  I would have just grabbed anything pre-made, but no.  She’s done the from scratch thing.  Did I mention she has 3 kids two and under??! Bless her!
Another one who is creative in a completely different way is Kendra at Ten Minutes to Digest – My First Kitchen
I’ll be leaving hungry after reading her blog most mornings.  The one sad remaining cookie on the plate in the picture?  Can anyone send that to me?  I’d never leave you alone sweet cookie.  Never leave a single cookie, you have to eat them in pairs, or threes if it means one would left alone.  It’s just the way it works.  Some entires just from the front page of her blog Roasted Salsa; Artichoke Pesto Pasta.  Are you serious?  Hello, can I come over for lunch?  Check her out, good recipes and lots of fun!
Someone else who seems to be having the fun and joy of a toddler (ahem just like me) is over at This, That and the Other Thing  Some of her posts had me going, um, yes, our house too, and that, oh and of course my daughter does that!  The joys of mommyhood right?  Of course Sadie is the writer (the little toddler) so maybe I can pick up tips on how a toddlers mind works.  Plus the header of Sadies’s page is a baby Converse shoe, stinkin’ cute right?
Over at Our Piece of Quiet I’ve discovered a kindred spirit who also gets hit by the speed traps.  Ha, thought it was just little ole me.  Though I would like to say I haven’t gotten a ticket in the mail for awhile so hopefully, fingers crossed you know?
And of course I have to once again pay homage to Tressa over at American in Norway who so kindly explained what on earth SITS was to this poor clueless blogger.  If I ever get to Norway or you ever get to Germany, we’ll have to work out ditching the kids and having a Girls Night Out.  Go read over at Tressa and be prepared for life, love and lots of laughter!
So that’s my first SITS posting and I sure hope you check all those I linked and leave me some blogging comment love too won’t you?

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