Woah Baby! Go Phillies!

I am so not a baseball person but even I couldn’t help getting excited about the Phillies now going to the WORLD SERIES!  Ever since the Philadelphia area became my adopted home 13 years ago the teams have been less than stellar.  The Flyers had always been my best hope (and hey I actually like hockey!)  I always teased my Hubby about his sad devotion to the Phillies.

Well it looks like I am about to eat crow for dinner tonight.  
Way to go Philly, I am so sorry to have doubted you!

3 thoughts on “Woah Baby! Go Phillies!

  1. I just can’t agree Andrea! I am a Cards fan all the way, even if they did drop the ball this year! lol…Sarah kTaiwankiddo2.blogspot.com


  2. When I was dating my husband I pretended to love baseball and his beloved Atlanta Braves. I think that it was a bit after we were married when he realized that I didn’t give a flip :-)At least our girls love to go to the games with him!


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