Kelly at Song For Whoever had this meme up and I thought it’d be fun to do so here goes!

A – Age: 31
B – Band listening to right now: Daniel Powter, Bad Day (mixed playlist on my iPod)
C – Career future: Writer (best selling please!)
D – Dad’s name: David Peter
E – Easiest person to talk to: Myself, hey the little one doesn’t talk back at the moment
F – Favorite song: Amazing Grace by Jars of Clay or Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath – tough choice
G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Gummy Bears – Haribo
H – Hometown: Spokane, Washington
I – Instruments: No
J – Job: mom, cook, housekeeper, errand girl and everything else, and I write books in my spare time
K – Kids: 2, Boo and Chickadee
L – Longest car ride ever: Philadelphia to Louisville, Kentucky
M – Mom’s name: Katherine Louise
N – Number of people in your house: 4
P – Phobia[s]: Snakes and bees
Q – Quote: Don’t make me release the flying monkeys!
R – Reason to smile: my kids and thirty minutes to myself
S – Song you sang last: Banana Pancakes
T – Time you wake up: 5:00am usually, though not by choice
U – Unknown fact about me: As I get older I get more afraid… of everything.
V – Vegetable you hate: Lima beans, that’s hard to top
W – Worst habit: Not being able to make myself clean when I really need to.  Sometimes I just can’t do it!
X – X-rays you’ve had: MRI, Cat Scan, Iodine imaging thingy and many more I can’t remember
Y – Yummy food: Italian
Z – Zodiac sign: Gemini

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