Candid Carries’s Photo friday

Once again time to play Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday!  Wahoo it’s Friday!  This also means this is my last day for a week to truly have time to read blogs (not that I have a lot of time now but, I do have more time than next week).  Why? you may ask.  Because next week is fall break from school.  One solid week.  Two kids (who don’t really get along so good) versus Me.  Ahh, should be lots o’ fun!  I plan to keep the little devils, I mean children busy with anything and everything I can come up with.  How about manual labor?  Like I did here:

Child Labor – Will work for food, preferably Oreo’s or Goldfish, but hey, we aren’t picky
Fun no?  Well so long as they don’t kill each other or me, we’ll call the week a success!

8 thoughts on “Candid Carries’s Photo friday

  1. ROFL – as soon as either of my boys start getting out of control – I always send one on an ‘errand’ in the house first. Then I turn it into a team housecleaning effort. LOL


  2. I had 1 1/2 days of school last week and next week we have another 1 1/2. It’s horrifying how out of control I can get, particularly if it’s raining. But today I am taking a mommy day later and I can’t wait- lunch with other bloggers and then a mom’s night out for dinner. I hope that it holds me through next week!Do you have any breaks built in?


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