Reading with Blogging Mama

I haven’t done a Reading With Blogging Mama entry in awhile 🙂  so that’s what is on the menu for today.  I have to admit I kinda hated the book I’m going to tell you about today.  I disliked the book from the standpoint that I hated the main character because he made me so outraged and mad.  The writing and the author itself is very good.  It was more the subject matter of the book and the way the main character acted that royally ticked me off .

The book is My Favourite Wife by Tony Parsons.  Now there is a very good chance this is known by another title but I bought it in the english section of the book store in Bremen.  I can’t get it to come up as another title on Barnes and Noble so, if you know the US released title let me know and I’ll add it.  It was published in 2008 so maybe it’s not yet available in the US, I have no idea.   Read it yourself if interested.  I’d love to know if others had the same negative reaction to ‘Bill’ as I did. 
From the back cover:
Into the booming, gold-rush city of Shanghai fly Bill and Becca Holden with their small daughter Holly – a young family seeking their fortune far from their north London home.
When tragedy forces Becca to return to London with Holly, the friendship between a lonely family man, working day and night, and a neglected second wife grows into something more – something that threatens to destroy all their lives.  And when Becca and Holly come back, it is time for all of them to learn something about the meaning of true love and the bonds of family.
And yes I do know it is spelled ‘favorite’ not favourite – but it is published in the UK so it is the UK spelling that is used here.

3 thoughts on “Reading with Blogging Mama

  1. Wow – that is dedication to read a book you hate. Ha! Ha! So I guess I should say congrats on finishing and I hope you like your next book – or main charachter – better. :o) Good luck finding C3PO – if your little guy will go as something else, Martha Stewart had some cool hoodies that she transformed into costumes. One was a shark and it was really cool! Just a thought.


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