Good Old America (in Germany)

Yesterday Hubby went down to someplace that began with a B (a military base) that I can’t remember the name of for a Boy Scout Leader training thing.  He came back with some goodies and a story.

He brought me the Stars and Stripes newspaper.  I didn’t know this was actually real.  I have a great book (Moon Over Tokyo) where she is a writer for the Stars and Stripes military newspaper.  It is indeed real 🙂  I got to enjoy a lot of news from all over in English and it was 50 cents.  The funniest thing was when Hubby paid for his lunch.  He gave the kid a 20€ bill and got a $20 bill back!  How weird is that?  On bases they only deal with returning change in $ because that’s how things are priced (and incidentally how the military get paid, in $, at least the people I know in military families).  So we have a $20 floating around in the desk drawer where we keep our little stash of ‘home’ money.  It looks so nice in there.
I wish Hubby could have gotten into the PX (?) to buy stuff.  This past two weeks we have run out or are close to running out of these American supplies:
Microwave popcorn (and I can no longer find it even at Kaufhof in the international section)
Kraft Mac n’ Cheese
Aussie shampoo and conditioner
Secret deodorant
So if Santa reads my little old blog (and why not mention Santa as every and I mean EVERY store here already has Christmas trees up and decorations out for sale and Santa chocolates out too – Ikea looks like an elf threw up in there!) I’d love some good old Americana this year, some Twizzlers wouldn’t go amiss around here either ya` know?

7 thoughts on “Good Old America (in Germany)

  1. Oooh, we like the same hair products (Aussie) and deodorant (Secret)!Funny to think of things like microwave popcorn being in the “international” section of a store!Do you think Santa reads blogs? If so, I oughta put up a post with my wish list on mine….. Hee!Oh, and thanks for putting my button up on your blog – it’s the first place I’ve seen it! *happy dance*Hoping you get your Americana supplies replenished SOON!!!Cheers!


  2. Oh my goodness! I’ll send you deodorant ;0). No joke… that is like the worst to run out of! I like the Secret Flawless… it’s pretty dang cool. Okay, if you can still find my email… send me a note. You have to get some of these… you know you miss hot tamales or something yummy like that. Care package to Andrea! =0) Sara


  3. He’s everywhere here too!! I am so happy for you and your paper! That is too cool hon! I wish he could have gotten into the pX too. Sarah


  4. Oh I wish we had a stocked commissary here in Chennai. The only American products are really just the ones we can find at the store – for the markup price of at least 3-5 x it’s normal value!


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