A Day in Drachenfels

Drachenfeld cartoon copyPhotobucket
Yesterday we went to the Drachenfels Castle that you can see from our house (well if you go over one street you can see it on the hill anyway across the river).  We’ve been there once, two years ago.  We didn’t visit the inside of the castle even though it’s just been refinished because the kids would have been bored.  And we’d already paid 20€ for a one way train ride up to the top of the hill to the original castle ruins.  We hiked down from the top, not an easy feat as it’s fairly steep.  But the views from the top of the leaves were absolutely amazing.  I can’t imagine the intense colors if we had gone last week.  Here is a slideshow from the trip.
And info from Wikipedia should you care to visit – Drachenfels Castle

7 thoughts on “A Day in Drachenfels

  1. Nice!This is one of the places I always take visitors from home… it is free (if you can resist taking the stupid train) and the view is spectacular. If you have more time, hike past the Drachenfels to the little restaurant in the forest– it is called something like Milchkanne or something– well worth it if only for the reward of an excellent hot chocolate!


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