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Dianne over at Martinis For Two is going to be hosting a Virtual Post Election Party and she wants YOU to join in!  Go over and check out all the details.  I’ll be celebrating along with her (or crying – we’ll see) on November 5th.  Please join in!

Do you ever feel like everyone else around you knows something you don’t?  I’m starting to feel that way about my son’s school class.  I got an email from one of the other mothers (I am guessing, I have no idea who any of the mothers are from his class since we aren’t supposed to go down the primary wing after school to collect the kiddos, I think I am pretty much the only one following these rules but whatever) telling everyone they can find recipes for Friday on such -a- such  site.  Eh?  Yes, there is a Halloween party on Friday during the school day.  I did spend 26€ to rush that Obi-Wan costume he just had to have (for the entire two hours at most it’ll be worn before being shoved in a closet for life).  But we are supposed to provide food?  What?  All I got was an email that they were having a party if we wanted to come (two problems with that – a. I have a very ‘at the moment’ whining toddler and an older brother who doesn’t want anything to do with her.  I’m not ruining the party for him by bringing her and the thought of 20 or so 6 and 7 year olds hopped up on sugar – definitely NOT my thing.  and b. I don’t remember telling Miss Room Mother it was ok to send my email address out into the internet.  Remember that form you sent around asking for our emails?  The one I didn’t add my address to?  Yeah.)  And we also have to find (for an unrelated project) a plastic jar with a screw top lid for school.  Sounds simple right?  Nope.  Everything here is made of glass, not plastic.  I still can’t find anything to send nearly two weeks after the request from the teacher.  Another black mark in the parent department.
Today, if I can manage said ‘whining toddler’ my manuscript submission for the RWA Golden Heart contest goes out.  Gulp.  While I have already paid the fee, this will make it official that I am doing this once they pry the package out of my hands.  I sincerely hope it won’t cost a fortune to send but it’s something like over 6 inches thick of paper and probably weighs over 5 lbs.  And it has to be there by Dec 2nd to count.  Which, with the post here, means paying for expedited service to Houston in order to make it on time.
Since ‘whining toddler’ is getting a mention today, have I told you all I haven’t had a full nights sleep (with maybe a few rare exceptions) in 7 months?  Yes, that joyful girl at 2 years and 5 months will not sleep through the night.  More like up anywhere from 2 to 5 times a night.  Which means I am up 2 to 5 times a night.  I know you’re going to say ignore her and believe me I have tried.  Some nights I manage to listen to her scream her outrage (and she’s actually rarely even fully awake when she’s doing this) other times it’s an automatic pilot thing and I just launch from bed and trod down the hall and over the gate before I realize I should let her get back to sleep on her own.  I have no idea why she does this.  Hubby has no idea why she does this.  But this mama is seriously becoming sleep deprived (if I were to ever put up a picture of myself, which isn’t really likely, you’d notice that you could park a 757 in the bags under my eyes).  I need sleep, I crave it.  And I’d really, really like to get some (at more than three hours a stretch).  Soon.
So that’s the news so far this week.  We changed the clocks over the weekend and it’s making everyone feel out of sorts and hungry as wild animals by 5 pm.  Which reminds me, I need to do my tri-weekly grocery shopping today.  How fun.

6 thoughts on “In the news

  1. Hey Andrea- my solution to the whining crying 2.5 year old has been sending the husband downstairs to bring her up to bed. Since we have very steep stairs and the generally German concrete floors, we still use a monitor and I’m fine with Thing2 being with us from 1 or 2 when she starts crying. Even THing1 occassionally joins us, although she walks by herself. However, those times are few now and just last week she started sleeping in her Ikea twin bed rather than sharing the queen size with THing2, so I’m optimistic that by college the girls will be fully independent;). In other words, whatever gets you more sleep is the best idea.Now I need to go search out some black items to dress the girls as cats on Friday- I am such a loser!


  2. Thanks for joining us in the party I’ve already prepared my contribution and I am hoping it turns out the way I am hoping or else I’ll be scrambling on Nov 5!Hope you get a good night’s sleep soon!


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