Babies, Top Gear and other stuff

First the awesome news – Baby Miles and Sam have arrived.  Congratulations to Todd, Kristin and big sis Laney!  Head over to Life With Laney Bug to wish them well!

The funniest thing on the planet was on tv last night.  The new season of Top Gear has started and let me tell you.  I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and I had tears coming down my face.  Now, many of you may have no idea what Top Gear is because it’s a British show but it is so dang funny.                                              
 Jeremy Clarkson

 Richard Hammond 

and James May 

are the presenters.  They had a semi truck (lorry) driving challenge last night.  Find a way to see it.  I’ll smuggle it up to You Tube if I get a chance cause we dvr’d it.  To watch again and again.  It never gets old.  The new season looks to be very funny indeed.  Sundays at 9 I think it comes on on BBC 4 or something.  Go to Sky Tv for listings.
My house also smells like an Italian restaurant.  The garlic is something else today.  I made pasta fagioli soup last night.  I only put in one garlic instead of the two it said to put in.  Whew baby!  It’s really good though.  I’ve done a lot of cooking this past week.  Good heart warming stuff.  Sausage Jambalaya, goulash, chicken marsala.  What will I think up for this week?

4 thoughts on “Babies, Top Gear and other stuff

  1. oooh yummy! I have been in a cooking slump this past week with kid activites and parties and such. I haven’t made anything new to me in ages. Better crack open a cookbook.


  2. Last week I made these great chicken wings. And used 16 cloves of garlic in the marinade. My hands smelled for days. I need to post that recipe…it’s awesome…


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