Post Election Day Bash

Welcome to the Post Election Day Bash!  Huge thanks to Diane at Martini’s For Two!

She’s our brainchild organizer for the event 🙂
6:17 am in Germany and I am so excited to wake up and see the news!  

What a victory, 338 to 156, good golly the PEOPLE have spoken!  How wonderful for my children (and yours) to be a part of this.
What to say?  Has it been a looong two years (or let’s say eight years) or what?  Anyone else happy this thingy is over?  I can only imagine what you in the US have endured in the way of commercials, and signs and all the fun stuff that goes along with an election.  Not to mention a historic election.  Either there’s an African American or a Woman in the White House.  (And NOW I know which one!)  
I am so glad to be a part of this election, having cast my vote a few weeks ago from afar.  I make no secret on who I want in my white house.  I saw a great widget giget on another bloggers site and I’ll paste it below (I’ll link her so I hope she doesn’t mind!)  Just go to Nobody But Yourself
(Her cute little blog button is also in my sidebar just click the feet!)

That about sums up my feelings on who should be in the White House.  It’s been tough being so far away from all of the action when I actually CARE about the election.  I admit, this is only my second time ever voting.  I was psyched (and freaked when it took so long to get my absentee ballot – I never thought I was going to get a chance to Make My Voice Heard.)  And isn’t that what it’s all about?  Being heard.  And listened to.  That’s the Change I want in the government.  Throw away all the nonsense and drudgery of the last eight years and move forward in a positive direction.
You can change a lot of things in life but only by voting can you change the government.  If you don’t speak up, be heard, you have no reason or right to complain.  I didn’t think my voice made a difference before but once I voted that first time, it felt great.  
It made me feel like Hey I do make a difference and I am being heard!’  Now my guy didn’t win last time (see my comments above on the last eight years) but you know what?  He could have.  And I went out and voted to try to change our country.  I hope you all voted.  Stand up if you don’t like what’s around you, make a change, fight for your rights to be heard.  
Enough said.
I am sure I will say more once I have coffee, like I said it’s on 6:17 am!
Cnn has some videos going that work a bit easier but it is in sections. or try this from NECN
If you have video please let me know.  I am having trouble finding much – I know all of you in the US have seen it but I haven’t!

13 thoughts on “Post Election Day Bash

  1. I could have gone to sleep when PRESIDENT OBAMA’S speech was over but it was impossible. I wanted to start a committee, pass a bill, organize a drive. I feel so renewed.I keep telling everyone that after the darkness of the last 8 years I feel that I have a leader who sees me!


  2. Thank you for stopping by. I agree, the highest voter turnout, Martin Luther’s dream came true, so many people are thrilled today. I have mixed feelings and living in Texas I know that a lot of people here are not very happy with the results. I’m neither Republican or Democrat so it’s really not that personal for me. I just want what is best and based on the morale of the majority today, this is wonderful.


  3. I’m sooo with you! I know that it does feel SOOO weird to NOT be in America to share in the victory first hand… I have a large group of Amer. Expat friends here in France and we are all close in our support for Obama… But, I do miss being “THERE” right now… with all of the action.. the fevor, the excitement!!! I am floating on CLOUD 9 and will be for the next four years… I have voted in every election since I turned 18- that was a long time ago… but it feels great to participate and feel like our voice can really make a difference!!!!


  4. Here, on the West Coast, I was a bit spoiled because I thought it was going to take all night but right after I put the kids to bed at 8:00… there McCain was with his concession speech (which I think was a fabulous speech.. big applause for him).When I saw that Obama won… I was one of those with tears. It was one of the greatest days in history I’ve ever seen … whether you voted one way or another… it is a great day!! I’m so glad I am alive to see it and I can tell my children all about it!Congratulations President Obama… you GO! In fact I’m still crying… it’s gonna take a little while for me not to get choked up when I think of what just happened.p.s. This was my first time voting… used to not believe in it… ever since Government class in High School.


  5. I am loving reading about all you expats for Obama 🙂 So many blogs swing the other way. It really is an historic election…and I hope that this is the beginning of something amazing.(Oh, and YES! I meant THAT Jamie 🙂 )


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