Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday

It’s that Fun time of the week again!  Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday!  Come and play with us.

This time I have two pictures, neither of which I took (taken by my sister in law) but she took these when we all went on vacation to Ireland.  That just fascinate me.  Maybe it’s the colors or the simplicity of the subject – but I love them.  I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to leave me a comment and head over to Carrie’s to check out what else is on offer and sign up yourself.

Adding something that has nothing to do with Friday but last night was the St Martin’s Parade at my son’s school.  I didn’t go because of the Chick (they didn’t even get snacks – pretzel and an orange – until 6:45!  We eat at 5:30 so not gonna work with Chicka)  Anyway the boys get home and Hubby asks Boo to tell me all about St Martin.  I learn he was from Rome and split his cape in two to give a piece to a homeless man, which he got arrested for.  So we are talking abut how long ago this was and it went something like this:
B:   St Martin is like 1017 years old.
Me:   What does that mean?
B:   He’s dead!
The kid cracks me up!

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