And there she goes

The reason this DHL family will be staying in Germany  (or elsewhere) awhile longer

*This does not affect us in the sense we aren’t losing a job because we are part of Global DHL right now.  But the majority of friends within DHL US have lost or are losing their jobs and my heart breaks for them.  If we had moved back in March we would be one of those that would have been cut.

10 thoughts on “And there she goes

  1. Wow! I pray that your position in Germany is solid, and that you feel peace and calm in the market you’re in. May God use your time there for His purpose and for fabulous continued family memories in a foreign land!


  2. I was thinking about you guys when I watched the news yesterday and wondering how it would affect you. Good news about no job loss for the dh, but I guess this brings a whole new set of problems with it since you’d been making concreate plans for your return. We’re here if you need to whine about anything. 🙂


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