Give me a movie

I am desperately seeking movie recommendations (not Desperately Seeking Susan – anyone remember that classic Madonna film??).  My nearly seven year old could use a new movie to watch for our Movie Nights.  I am desperately sick of Star Wars which we have been rotating the six movies every Friday since summer.  I don’t even watch anymore.  I either goof around on the computer or read a book.  I simply can not take anymore Star Wars.  Boo however loves them.

I would love to hear about other movies you can recommend for his age.  I tried letting him watch the first Harry Potter but I guess it was too much talking and not enough action.  If it’d had a lightsaber he probably would have liked it more.
The requirements are as follows:
Nothing realistic – Indian Jones is real.  It has real people and blood and guns.  We don’t do that in our house at the tender age of six.  When he’s older he’ll love them the way I did as a kid.
Nothing animated – he’s just doesn’t seem to care for them anymore.
Nothing scary – he’s fairly sensitive, this one’s kinda obvious.
So let me hear what your kids are watching.  Not being able to easily get near a good selection of videos (with english titles anyway) I am at a loss.  We searched for Home Alone over the weekend but couldn’t find it at the store.  I think he’d like that type of movie though.

14 thoughts on “Give me a movie

  1. My girls love Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.I just downloaded The Princess Bride from iTunes – I can’t wait to watch it with them.My girls also love Musicals. What about … The Music Man, Oliver, Once Upon a Mattress (the made for TV one), Bedknobs and Broomsticks, or even The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins.


  2. Andrea, this is my first visit to your blog. can you believe it has taken me so long?!? what a crazy few weeks it has been. i looked through your library, Jemima J is one of my fave books. i also loved Little Earthquakes. i am going to have to check out some of the others you like since we seem to be on the same vibe!i hope you were able to connect with susie…i think i saw her button on your sidebar. you two are a favorite thing swap match made in heaven!


  3. I second Night at the Museum. (and I saw someone else comment on Bedknobs and Broomsticks…. I loved that as a kid and should rent that one and try it on my kids!)Adding:My Dog SkipSky HighEnchanted (the boys are less interested in this one, obviously)Transformers (with a number of key scenes skipped through)Disney’s The Kid


  4. Hey Andrea- My boys have loved Neverending Story, old Disney classics like Swiss Family Robinson, old yeller, Herbie (all of them)and yes even Mary Popins. Jake seems to go for like Willow, Treasure Planet, Princess Bride, any of the old classic batman and robin (TV series) and things like that.Hope this helps-JAnalee


  5. Hi,My kids will rarely watch non-animated movies yet -due to too much talking etc…., but my 5 year old has watched “The Goonies” several times and likes it. He also scares easily – so we have to be careful. My kids also will watch the Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer one – it has a little bit of action / violence = but it’s like Star Wars and they really like the surfer guy who ends up being a hero.


  6. Princess Bride and Neverending Story are good suggestions. Is Spaceballs too crude? That’s Star Wars-esque, but something different. How about:- Last Starfighter- Back to the Future- Labyrinth- Superman / Superman Returns- Pirates of the Caribbean- The Secret of Nimh ( oh whoops, that’s animated, but it’s different, so I’ll leave it up)


  7. Howdy swap partner! Well, my two cents for this question has to be the movie HOLES. I’ve only seen parts, but it involves real, not animated boys, but with no guns or guts. It’s also a fantastic book taught in some schools. I’m going to keep brainstorming though. It’s hard not having a boy myself, but I hear you on the star wars thing–I wasn’t that big of a fan anyway!


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