Too Busy to Blog

I feel too busy to blog (hence why nothing since Monday).  I’m not entirely sure what it is I’m busy doing (dishes, READING BLOGS, drinking coffee, READING BLOGS) but hey, I’m busy.  Hubby and I started re-watching Grey’s Anatomy again.  It all started thanks to another blogger who posted the song Breathe by Anna Nalick on her site (and darn it if I can’t remember AGAIN who it was!).  Thanks, now I’m obsessed and Miss Nalick has already found herself well played on my little old iPod.  I don’t even want to know the song count for how many times I’ve listened to her album (and that particular song).

Anyway, I thought the scene of the Ferry Boat Accident episode where Meredith goes into the water and is drowning is where the song Breathe was.  So I found the dvd and checked.  Nope, not there.  Different song.  But I had to watch the entire episode of course.  Hubby researched this for me and we discovered it is actually used in the episode where the crazy guy shoots himself with a homemade bazooka and Meredith ends up with her hand inside the guys body on the bomb.  And when the bomb guy is talking her into removing the bomb is when the song is.  So we had to watch the episode of course.  Which started us watching all of them again.  Season One is down and two episodes from Season Two already.  Hence why I am so behind on blog reading at night.  
During the day (still sleep deprived – the chick gave me exactly ONE full night of sleep before going back to her regularly scheduled 4-7 times a night waking nonsense, I literally wept when I heard her cry again after I was just in there thirty minutes ago. Sleep deprivation does not look good on me just so you know.)  I am busy writing or doing mom-ish stuff or getting things together for my Mammarazzi’s Favorite Things Swap 🙂  It’s going out on Monday and I hope I found some of my favorite things my swap partner will like too.  It’s fun thinking of what’s your favorite and then sending it away to someone else.  When I get my box I’ll be posting all the Favority Goodness for all to see.
On today’s list of to do’s:
Go to Knauber – another something I want to get for the swap is there
Type out the forty or so pages of my project that I’ve been scribbling in notebooks.  That takes forever.
Drink the cup of coffee that awaits me in the kitchen
Maybe clean, we’ll see how motivated I get 🙂
What’s on your agenda for today?
*Many thanks for all the movies suggestions, they were great. 
And thanks for the thoughts with the DHL stuff.  Yeah, it sucks, cause now getting back to the US with a company that doesn’t really exist there anymore… yeah, that’ll be easy and not complicated at all.

7 thoughts on “Too Busy to Blog

  1. Oh. Hadn’t thought about going home with DHL. Oh. Sending good thoughts.Hated the sleep deprivation. It’s not forever. It only feels that way. Hang in!And….I got my bracelets! Thank you so much! My youngest immediately grabbed them and thought one was for her. She has been wearing it faithfully. I guess that is why we do it. So the next generation won’t suffer. I have the Grey’s Anatomy CD. Good stuff. Mellow, but good.


  2. i have seriously enjoyed gathering some of my favorite things for the swap too. this has been a lot of work, but soooo much fun too. as long as everyone ends up sending AND receiving i will most def be hosting this again!i can hardly wait for everyone to start posting all the favorite thing goodness!AND my award looks DARLING on your blog…tee hee!


  3. I love Grey’s Anatomy although Meredith is starting to annoy me a little. Ha! Ha! I just want to shake her a little bit and say “come on girl – figure yourself out!” LOL I have been having fun with the swap too! It is so much fun. I have something fun for you over at my blog! :o)


  4. I too am too busy to blog these days. I too went searching through the archives of Grey’s Anatomy to find where that song played. I too have abused that playlist on my ipod once I found Miss Nalick’s album in Itunes. I too am hoping I send you some things you like–but am very excited to get it to you!I too am just too busy.Talk about kindred spirits!!!!I hope you get some sleep and I hope your weekend is a peaceful one!


  5. I know it wasn’t me…but I just posted about the song Breathe also…and Grey’s Anantomy is one of my Favorite shows…and that BOMB episode is one of the best parts of the whole series! :)Congrats on your award from the post above! 🙂


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