Feeling all a-flu

I took this pic a few weeks ago,it  has nothing to do with the post.  I just like it.

Ugh, the dreaded Winter Time Cold has arrived.  Yesterday Boo started with the hacking (actually Saturday night as he slept next to me in the basement).  And today, it’s my turn to hack and cough and feel the most unpleasant weight in my chest.  Ick.  It’s all over the internet too.  It seems like a lot of us have either the flu or colds this week.  Can you get colds by reading blogs?  I don’t know but I will try not to click on your blog if you’re sick.  I don’t want to get it too.

Thankfully Hubby has volunteered to take my Mamarazzi Favorite Things Swap packages to the post for me tomorrow.  A day later than I said they’d mail out but hey, let’s face it, this chick isn’t going to the post today.  It just isn’t happening.
I’m off for a nap and a few Tylenol.  I’m feeling that ick that I am willing to swallow two of my most precious Can Not Be Found In Germany Tylenol.  Yup, I must be sick.

5 thoughts on “Feeling all a-flu

  1. Do they have paracetamol? That’s what they call Tylenol in England and we’ve bought it before as a replacement.Sorry you’re not feeling well. :-((love the picture!)


  2. Awe hon… I hope you feel better soon… This is nuts! It HAS to go away soon!!! It has to be hard with them not allowing you guys to just buy medicines over the counter like here. Even in Taiwan they let you do that! Anyways… feel better Andrea and family!!!Sarah k


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