It’s Wednesday (?)

It is Wednesday right?  This cold has me feeling like I’ve been drinking at 10 am.  I swear the only thing I’ve had is a few cups of coffee but that whole head feels fuzzy, balance is less than perfect feeling is hanging around like a good friend.  Ugh.  The worst part is Boo is still sick with it too.  The poor kid was hacking away at 5 am and actually used tissues last night! That definitely means he’s sick if he’s willing to blow his nose instead of doing that gross ‘I’ll just sniff’ thing.  It also means he’s very unlikely going to be well enough to go on the second Boy Scout camp-out this weekend.  They will be staying in a enclosed hut but so far as I know there is no heat.  Even healthy I’d be hesitant but with his cold…poor kid.  He loves this type of stuff and to tell him he can’t go, that’s going to be rough.

However his class is going to the chocolate museum in Köln tomorrow (I have to say I’m less than thrilled about him, on a bus, on the autobahn for an hour each way with no booster seat – yes, he still sits in one and NO I don’t think at 6 he’s too big for it, it’s the law anyway) so the chocolate should make him feel better.  We’ve been there before actually and I was not impressed at all with the place but hey they get a whole morning off from school work, they’re 6 years old and getting a free taste of chocolate, what do they care?  I’ll have to remember to load his pockets with tissues and maybe I can sneak a bottle of sanitizer in there too, hmm..
Field Trips – knew I’d remember the point of the post eventually!  I can not believe how much money we’ve invested in field trips this year already.  It’s close to 50€ and it’s only November!  You would think that the insane tuition this school costs would cover stuff like field trips.  First he needed money for the art museum trip, then money for the upcoming trip to see some play, then the chocolate museum and they went somewhere I think I just can’t remember at the moment.  As Hubby said, for the tuition, the cost of the field trips isn’t anything when you look at it that way.  And it isn’t the money that bugs me it just seems like an awful lot of trips.  And paying for private buses or public transport (there are no such things here as school buses like in the US, kids either get rides from their parents, walk/ride a bike or take public transport to and from school) which makes me nervous because the bus drivers here will run you over with no thought at all.  In fact, I think they take special pleasure in trying to run Lucy over whenever they can.
Don’t mess with Lucy people, it won’t be pretty.  Anyway, chick wants food and I did promise to feed her on occasion so I better go do that.

4 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday (?)

  1. Oh I am sorry to hear you have all been so sick! We are also battling what seems like everything here! We have made homemade chicken soup 3X in the past 4 weeks. Maybe it was my blog you clicked on! I hope not!Get well soon!


  2. The field trips aren’t too bad but don’t even get me started on the fundraisers! Too much money for a ton of crap! Ok sorry. I do hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe if Boo brought you back some chocolate that would help? 🙂


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