And to add to the joy posted below

I can’t add into that post without it seriously messing up the font.  Blogger. What.e.ver.

It’s my word o’the day today.  This weird street we live on has two entrances.  Both off the main road.  Well, we live way at the one side of the main road where there is this little side road with a produce stand in season and we jaunt up that little hill and with one right turn are in our driveway four or so houses down.  To go the other way I have to continue down the main street turn on the street K and wind my way down the street, left turn up another VERY small street and then make a very cautious LEFT onto my street (maybe I’ll video this so you can see how precarious the turns are.  We are talking streets made for horse and carriages, not cars so very narrow) and then all the way down my street, past the houses under construction with the children who LOVE to play in the middle of the street, to my house four houses from the end.  
So when I get home this AM guess which road is now blocked off?  And possibly permanently by the looks of the big concrete dividers on the trucks blocking the way??
It’s the witching day today or something.  I got maybe two hours of sleep thanks to my ‘high spirited’ child (as her speech therapist has labeled her).  
Thanks to whoever sent me this bad karma!

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