The Tale of Snow and Japanese Food and LONDON

This morning we awoke to snow, barely enough to cover the grass but still it kinda shocked me even though it had been forecasted.  Yesterday it was ‘wicked’ windy as Boo would say.  So much so I watched the chair on our balcony go up and fly across to the other side.  Thankfully it didn’t clear the railing.  The neighbors wooden bench was picked up from her patio and slammed into the fence and a lot of her pottery broke.  I felt really bad since she just moved in about a month ago.  It was a blustery day (and snowed a bit yesterday too).

Tonight, in the wicked cold, (Wicked will be the word of the day today) we went to Ichiban for Japanese food.  Thursday we convinced Boo to try it, just try it and if he didn’t like it I’d take him for whatever he wanted when we were done.  Well, we got two gyoza appetizers, which he didn’t try (and are SO yum!), Paul got sushi (ick, though I did try it last time, go me!, and I can honestly say ick!) and I got chicken yakisoba.  Boo got plain udon noodles.  And I’ll let the picture speak for itself!  We can successfully check off Japanese food as something he’ll eat.  This from the kid who gags on plain old chicken!  Wahoo!
And WAHOO!  I need to go to London to do research for my third manuscript in my series and Hubby’s co-worker (who accompanied me to Bremen) said she’d go with me!  She loves London and goes quite a bit.  I’ve been once and can’t wait to go again sans kids  🙂  It’ll be after the new year so I have time to get all organized with exactly what I need to research (book three they move to London as expats, hmmm….), but I am LOVING living so close to so many awesome cities.  Hehe!  Kid free weekend in London!

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