Shake your groove thing

It’s a horribly grainy picture but Chick finally danced on command this morning.  hehe.  Can’t wait to show a date this when she’s like 16!

The wind from the weekend has knocked out our satellite dish out of whack.  Either a wire is loose, the dish has moved or worse yet, it’s no longer there!  We can’t get any feeds nor can we watch anything we’ve recorded.  Until the roof dries enough for someone to come and have a look-see we may well be doing entertainment in the form of above.  

4 thoughts on “Shake your groove thing

  1. Really. How can you not dance to “Sexyback.” I am still trying to deal with my 7 year old knowing all the words “I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave.” And that she is majorly in lust with him. And even has a JT doll. That she keeps with her panties. Did I metion she’s seven. Seven?!


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