Seriously People, Stop Talking

I read blogs, a lot of them, something like 57 links in Bloglines.  And a few others that are private.  I haven’t read in about four days or so because I’ve just been busy but this morning after Chicks latest therapy session (don’t even get me started on how ridiculous this is getting) I sat down to try to catch up.  An hour later (at least) I’m only half way through and some of the blogs I don’t read all the time I simply skimmed or skipped right over.  What in the name of the internet have all you people been doing??  Geez, like busy bees.

All I have been doing is writing and reading (still reading Anna Karenina – got sidetracked, and it is still an excellent book).   And tomorrow we get to cook a turkey.  For the Boy Scouts Thanksgiving dinner.  I have never cooked a turkey in my life.  First thing was finding one (Edeka has them) then figuring out if it would fit in the oven (does but barely) then setting up our second fridge in the basement (cause this is Europe people, if I put this maybe ten pounder in my real fridge nothing else would be able to fit in there).  So we’ll cook a turkey tomorrow (which is NOT a holiday here, that makes sense since it’s an American holiday but still, I want the day off).  Hubby says he’s got it all sorted out and I hope so because the last holiday meal I cooked I think I made chili.  It’s not that I can’t cook traditional foods (I really can and fairly well I like to think) it’s that not having familiar foods to cook with throws me for a loop.  If this turkey thing works out, no fear Mom and Dad – you’ll be getting turkey for Christmas dinner this year instead of peanut butter sandwiches.
*Wahoo!  My Mamarazzi Swap Favorite Things package came!  I can’t wait to get to customs tomorrow to get it.  Look for a post with the details in the next day or two 🙂

6 thoughts on “Seriously People, Stop Talking

  1. LOL. I feel the same way. I work on my blog writing. And then I do stuff with my girls. Teach a little. Cook a little. You know…usual stuff. And the next thing I know…I have over a hundred posts there in my reader. I just want everyone to put their lives on hold till I catch up :-)And I just cannot imagine your American turkey in your European oven/fridge! Can’t wait to hear about it.Okay…your letter assignment. Thanks to random letter generator:B.


  2. Hey Andrea, I have a wonderful “fall apart” turkey recipe if you want it. I got it from a friend that use to cook for the white house! It was so good my dad called it GOURMET! LOL…. GO SARAH! Hope it’s a great one!!! I am about to fall behind on reading again too.. ugh!Sarah k


  3. Just remember to remove the giblets (check both ends, sometimes they hide them) and you’ll be fine. I know what you mean about too much internet, too little time. No way I can keep up.Happy Thanksgiving!


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