All In One Post – Mamarazzi Swap, Thanksgiving Turkey and Tales of the Repair Man

Ok to start I’m going to go in reverse order, make you wait for the good stuff 🙂

This morning The Guy (as in the Repair Guy) was supposed to come and fix our satellite dish that’s been out of whack since last weekends great storm (see here for details).  So I quickly threw on some clothes this morning, forget make-up, I was far too tired from being up half the night with Chick, slugged back some coffee and waited.  And waited and waited some more.  I was starting to feel just like The Coxes over at  My Own Brand Of Crazy (also see here, here and here for the gory details).  After emailing Hubby for the details of IF this guy is going to show up or not (actually reminded me of the time he was supposed to come and instal the dish… and didn’t show up then either.)  Now he says he’ll come at 4.  Alright, I’ll just beam myself home from picking up Boo then.  School gets out at 3:20, Boo usually walks down to me about 3:30-3:35 ish.  At least 20 mins in the car to get home (with a five minute walk to the car after we leave school) we may make it. I certainly do not want to hear that he came and I wasn’t here nonsense.  I went one weekend without Top Gear I can’t go two!
The Turkey.  We made the turkey yesterday for last nights Thanksgiving dinner with the Boy Scouts (Cub Scouts?  Whatever.)  It turned out good considering it took a lot longer to cook than we figured on and the second it was done we whipped it into the car for the 20 minute drive to school where the dinner was being held.  All told: Turkey was a success.  If you’re wondering where to find a turkey in Germany we found ours at Edeka.
Now on to the fun fun part – the details of my Mamarazzi Favorite Things Swap.  All I can say is my swap partner, Susie at Mommy, Just One More Minute! spoiled me with stuff.  Lots of favorite goodness and I swear we are or could be twins.  Because her favorites?  They were a lot of my favorites.  The details in pictures below.
Four fabulous books, a Starbucks gift set with all kinds of things for making yummy Christmasy treats (including mugs!), goodies – all my favorites – Junior Mints, Hot Tamales, Milk Duds and Orvilles Popcorn (movie theater butter even, oh yum!), two fabulous movies (I know what I’m doing Saturday night when hubby goes out with B), paper and pens and pencils, already used with todays shopping list ;), perfume from Ralph Lauren (two kinds and I can not pick my favorite but maybe the Wild one??), and of course Chick and I couldn’t resist using the Piggy polish to paint our piggies!
That was hands down the best swap I’ve ever had!  Thanks so much to Mamarazzi at Dandelion Wishes for organizing it!

9 thoughts on “All In One Post – Mamarazzi Swap, Thanksgiving Turkey and Tales of the Repair Man

  1. YAY! i am so glad your Favorite things swap items arrived!!good stuff too!! so cool.i will be hosting another one in Feb or March AND something equally exciting in January! sooo keep following so you don’t miss anything!


  2. Hooray for blogger buddies! I got your stuff yesterday and totally copied your slide show idea! I love EVERYTHING you sent and I hope you enjoy what I sent you. THis was tons of fun!


  3. Cool things you got in your swap!Man, at least you didn’t get the repair man we did. The “sorry I’m two hours late, but this is my first day on the job by myself sans my training surpervisor” guy. He was here for FIVE hours.


  4. My friend just moved back to the states from Germany! I saw your blog on someone elses and just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! I love your blog layout! 🙂


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