What is with German onions lately?  They have been the smelliest, strongest onions I’ve ever met lately.  Tonight I made Penne with vodka tomato sauce (thanks for the recipe it’s a fav Aunt S!) and of course being totally ME I took the trash out before I cut the onion.  And since I never use the whole thing in the recipe I put the remainder in a plastic bag and threw it in my newly emptied trash can.  

And I just went to the kitchen and nearly died from the smell in there.  The kitchen door had been closed because the loudest dishwasher on earth (Ikea Whirlpool) was running.  Seriously even Boo (who came down for yet another drink of water after bedtime tonight) made a comment.  And your probably asking why don’t I just take it out?  Well, it’s cold and raining and it would necessitate going out the driveway and down the side steep driveway to the trash can and I’d have to wear my coat and shoes and really that’s a whole lotta trouble.
Hubby should be home from Brussels soon  Maybe he’ll have mercy on the house and do it for me 🙂

7 thoughts on “Pfee-ew!

  1. I’d leave it out on the back porch. Hubby yesterday was marinating some meat to make jerky and everytime you opened the fridge it stunk to high heaven.


  2. I know what you mean about those German onions. Some of them can just knock you out. Luckily we have a compost heap, so all organic stuff goes on there, first being deposited in a bowl out on the deck to be dumped whenever I get around to it. Guess I should do that today…


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