Anyone rich?

Anyone wanna loan me $26,660?  Really I’ll put it to good use.  

That’s what it will cost me to pursue finishing my degree (that’s for 20 classes including books, cause I already have two years completed).  At the end I’d get a big ole diploma saying Bachelors of Science in Communications.  Thrilling eh?

When did school get so darn expensive??  And these are online classes through University of Phoenix.  Believe it or not this is the cheap school.  Granted, I shelled out about $20,000 for one year at the former Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (long name so now it’s Philadelphia University).  That was room and board too.  Oh, but not books, or fees or any of that other stuff.  That was in 1995.  I do not even want to know what they charge for a current years tuition.  Thank goodness I got a partial scholarship or I’d have been going to, well who knows where.  Maybe Clown College?
I am going to probably have a heart attack when Boo walks up in about 11 years and says he wants to go to Harvard or Yale or Boston University (just pulling out some names cause you know my kid’s a genius and all 🙂  I’ll have a heart attack on the spot when I see the cost no doubt.  When did trying to get an education so you can get a good job (and lets not forget how great that economy is doing these days) become so expensive?
Have I been out of the college loop too long?  The last class I took was in 1999 (I did night classes after bankrupting myself that first year).  At one point I worked two part time jobs and went to school.  Then I worked one full time job and went to night school.  And I could still barely afford it.
How do all of you manage college?  Have you put aside money for you or your kids?
And this has nothing to do with this post BUT go visit Kat over at Sunshineandlemonade for some awesome Disney Tips!  I can hardly wait to go.  Two more months!

8 thoughts on “Anyone rich?

  1. You probably don’t need to worry. University costs are so high that the top schools (like Harvard and Yale) have just started to give a full free ride to any students whose parents make less than $180,000/year. Does that give you an idea of how much it costs? 3 years ago a co-worker sent his daughter to NYU. $53,000/yr included the dorm room but not the textbooks.The rich don’t care, the poor don’t pay (although it’s hard to get in if educationally impoverished) and the middle class are destroyed.Imagine having 2 or 3 in at the same time?


  2. Maybe the parents will win the lotto and share with us? Right now I’m thinking of how to break it to hubby gently of how much braces will cost. EEK!


  3. We’ve decided that I will work at Vanderbuilt for their tuition program (if you work full time with them… even as a janitor….you can get full ride or a serious percentage toward another university). This would be great for me (I only did my GE) or all three of our kids (hopefully 4 kids if this darn adoption process ever gets anywhere!)Tisrawaiting endlessly for referral (currently 19 months…ugh)


  4. We’ve started to put money into 529 plans for the kids – though with the market doing as wonderfully as it is, their accounts have taken quite a hit.My husband constantly talks about military academies… and sometimes I wonder if it really is a joke.


  5. I’ve been putting off my masters classes – you know- while we got settled. Then I sorta thought, maybe I don’t want my masters. That’s when I realize I’ve already spent 14,000 on it. It makes me sick, sick, sick.


  6. You can get financial aid to cover your kid’s tuition probably. My family was really poor and I went to an expensive private college. They gave me over $20,000/year in grants based on need alone and I took on $17,000 in student loan debt. My parents didn’t have anything to save and so they didn’t. They also did not take out parental loans. I think asking to pay the full price of a fancy university is too much to ask most parents.As for yours, maybe you can find a cheaper program here in Germany? 🙂


  7. I keep telling my girls to study hard. Because if they can get into Harvard or Stanford, I am sure they could go for free! I am still paying my student loans off. For an almost phd that I never use. Except when I play trivia :-)OH, and thanks for the linky love!


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