Kreative Blogger Award

Wow!  I got a Kreative Blogger Award from Pink Vanilla Cupcakes.  That is so nice 🙂 I read her site (though I admit to being in a bad slump about actually leaving comments these days, doh!) and she always has something fun to say and often makes me laugh at her insight.  I don’t think I’m particularly creative so I don’t know exactly what she read here but I’ll keep on doing whatever it was!
Now like any award there are rules.  I must list seven things I like and then pass it on to seven other bloggers.
1. Peppermint Stick Ice Cream from Edy’s.  Hello heaven.  Limited edition only available during the holiday season and when we lived in the US I would get rid of just about anything to fit in a few gallons of this lovely treat.  (This is the main reason I wanted a side by side fridge, shh, don’t tell my husband!)
2. My iPod.  I really don’t think I could live without it.  This was something I never wanted until I actually got one.  Now, even if I am so late for something I will hop out of the car and run back in for it because I just can’t live without my music.
3. Coffee.  I wish I could live without it but I can’t.  It’s just way to easy to push that button in the morning and get my cup of hot goodness.  This is the serious downfall to having a coffee machine versus a drip coffee maker.  If we had a drip coffee maker (which we do but don’t use) I would not make three cups of coffee throughout the day.  It would be too much effort.
4. My car.  Sad but true, I love my car.  I spend at least an hour a day in there getting Boo home from school so having something fun to drive is nice.  And I admit, the heated seats in this wicked cold winter have been a very nice treat.  Plus I do love cars.  I like to shop for them even when I am not buying one.  Have you seen the new Volvo XC60? (new mini-suv coming to the US soon)  That would be perfect for us!
5. Books.  Books and more books.  If had to grab something from my burning house and my family was already safe, I’d probably start trying to save my books.
6. My computer because lets face it, if it weren’t for the computer (and by turns the internet) I wouldn’t have gotten this shiny new award.
7. Satellite tv.  We went two years with only the basic German cable (two english channels – CNN and BBC) and I have no idea how we survived.  Now that we have SKY tv I feel so in tune with the world.  We can watch Top Gear, House, Numb3rs (that would be Numbers), and many other things.  I really did miss hearing English voices on tv.  I sure hope wherever we go next we can get English tv!
8. I’ve decided to edit my list and add an eighth item.  JCrew flip flop sandals (thongs, whatever you call them).  They have converted me because I always hated, since I was a kid, having that little rubber bit between my toes.  But this year I had returned some stuff to JCrew that didn’t fit and had a credit so in desperation of just getting it spent bought flip flops.  And oh my, I so love them.  I wear them around the house and while we were at my parents this summer I wore them everywhere.  The store, the mall – and I am NOT one of those people who likes that flip flop look.  But my oh my, I do love my flip flops.  In fact I think I may have to just get a few more pairs this summer.
Okay so now I have to pass this on.  Hmm, this is actually the hard part because I have to choose people from my list of blogs and I like to try to choose people who haven’t gotten any cool awards lately if I can.  
1. Let’s Be Frank (my sis, private blog, but she’s Kreative)

Stop over and say hello to these great ladies!  Everyone loves to get some comment love 🙂

8 thoughts on “Kreative Blogger Award

  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.Susan


  2. Hey there!Just getting all our ducks in a row to take everyone to get passports for the big CRUISE in Feb. and I thought of you- let the count down begin! I read your blog all the time, but I am guilty of not commenting either- it takes too long and the damage miss Maya can do when I am on the computer is so NOT worth it these days! Hope you and yours are well,Janalee


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