Don’t You Hate It When

When at 12:45 in the morning your husband calls you to ask you to come down to the front door and let him in because he left his keys at work?

You were sound asleep when said phone woke you, sleep you rarely get because of baby number 2 who has slept through the night only once in the last 8 months. 

And when morning comes and you glance into the driveway and see hubbys car is not there so you start to get all annoyed ‘if he thinks you’re getting dressed with two kids in tow on vacation and taking his butt to work because he was out partying it up at ‘drinks with his colleagues’ last night  –  he can think again.’

And then he has the nerve to call a taxi to take him to work.  Geesh men!  They don’t even let you get in one good foot stomping when you could really use one.

There is a contest over at BlokThoughts for Don’t You Hate It When.  So there; I’ve entered.  Maybe I’ll finally win something.

8 thoughts on “Don’t You Hate It When

  1. Ummm… maybe my funny bone is out of whack, but… I don’t “get it” Now I feel dumb, because others seem to get it, with their comments it makes me feel like I am the only one standing in a circle while everyone else is laughing at the punch line of a joke and I am standing there blank faced, because I don’t get it! AHHHH!!! Let me run and hide now.


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