Did You Know?

That Christmas is in eight days.

That my parents are coming in two days for a twelve day visit.

That the only room in my house I have cleaned for the visit are the bathroom in the basement and the hallway?

That I should be doing something right now but am not doing it (think mop and bucket)?

That I have three stories of floors to mop – seriously?

That I really, really wanted to get my haircut but put off asking for a recommendation until yesterday and now the earliest appointment with the english speaking lady is 5 pm on Dec 30th!  C R A P

That I have about twelve loads of laundry to do between now and Friday at 9 am when we have to boogie down to the airport.

That I have become addicted to listening to the Britney Spears Circus Album.  Me!  A thirty one year old, not a fifteen year old.  Am I ashamed?  No.  Embarrassed?  Quite possibly.

That I’ve eaten so many of my kids gingerbread cookies there may be gingerbread coming out my ears.  This is also true of Milka Caramel bars.  I mean it’s gefüllt mit Caramelcréme!!

That I still have to shop for my hubby’s Christmas gifts, gifts for my parents and stocking stuff for my kids (plus a gift or three each).

That I am here doing this instead of that list above.

Yep, doing just fine in the avoidance department today.  How about you?  What have you got left to do before your holidays?

2 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. Tsk Tsk Tsk. You really should have started early my dear. 🙂 lol Although I do have my Christmas shopping done I waited until the last minute to do the teachers gifts. Painting and sanding and gluing oh my!


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