Paris Found

The sunrise over the clouds as viewed from the tiny plane gave me a spectacular appreciation for color.  Red and orange graduating to blue bloomed across the horizon with magnificent glory.  Forty-five minutes later we were back below the clouds on the the ground.  Paris awaited.
Upon arrival in Paris we quickly headed for CDGVAL train and the RER B train to head into the city.  From the RER we connected to Chatelet les Halles to the metro to Palais Royal Musee de Louvre our stop to the hotel.  Finding the hotel was less than fun but I won’t bore you with those details!  The hotel finally found around the corner from the Louvre’s back side (TimHotel Louvre a definite miss.  While extremely close to the Louvre and the metro, the extreme smallness of the rooms, was beyond even European standards.  While labeled budget it certainly wasn’t at from a money aspect at 98€.  The bum sleeping outside at night was a nice touch though!)  We headed over to the Louvre next.

If you know this painting please tell me – I love it!

This was another nice one 🙂

And look at the details in this one!  (sorry for the blurry pictures, I took a 3 mega pixel instead of my big camera)

I was struck by the faces in this one and the folds of the cloth, amazing.

And of course the Mona Lisa.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

Outside the Louvre.

The famous pyramid entrance.
After exhausting my feet (in my three inch heeled boots – it’s Paris, I must wear nice shoes!) we rested until dinner.  We ate at Les Fontaines on Rue Saint-Honoré around the corner from the hotel and steps from the back side of the Louvre.  I ate French onion soup, Quiche aux legumes and enjoyed an espresso.  The food was très bon and the waiters ate up my less than stellar French.  I think they at least appreciated my attempts, pathetic as they were.
Day two was less eventful and mom and I chatted and chatted and then headed for the airport.  One other lovely thing about the hotel was getting stuck not once but twice between floors in the elevator.  The elevator went up to the fifth floor and we had to then walk up to our room on the sixth floor.  Oh well C’est la vie!
Paris as always is still my most favorite city on the planet.  I will continue to wish I lived there and I hope to go back again really soon!

4 thoughts on “Paris Found

  1. Wow, nice, I was in Paris at about that time !. How did you manage to get in to the small plane ? I am truely intrigued. The most I get to do is to get into a double decker RER ! In Pars (we don’t get them here in London !)Bet you loved the view of Eiffel tower from outside Lovre.


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