In the news

Oh!  Exciting stuff happening around the net today.  Have you been to Crash Test Dummies?  Go, she’s got some seriously cool photo’s and info about the new President.  I’ll let her tell you cause it’s her story 🙂  She’s a fun read on any day if you can stand the fact that she lives in Hawaii.  So if you’re having a bad weather day, like I am with my 26 degree weather, you may not want to hear about her balmy warm weather.  I’m just saying ya know?

The parental units leave on Wednesday.  I love having family visit but I could use my normal routine back.  I’ve done nary a stitch of laundry since they got here (well except for washing Boo’s coat and car seat cover which he vomited on in the car yesterday but that really deserves it’s own paragraph.) 

 I’ll be heading down to Frankfurt on Wednesday morning.  So if about ten you see a blue BMW flying up the A1 or 3 or whatever road it is singing her lungs out, that’d be me.  Even though it’s three hours in the car roundtrip (and then add traffic) I’ll be in bliss because it’ll be my one and half hour trip back completely to myself to listen to my hidden pop music and sing along as loudly as I like.  No kids allowed on this trip. Like I said, Bliss.

We made Christmas dinner and we still have so much food left over I don’t know what Hubby was thinking with the mashed potatoes.  If you have starving children send them our way, we have lots and lots of potatoes (but they were delicious!)

I also got a new work station before Christmas so Boo can have my old desk for his schoolwork.  I am loving my new big space.  I can write and blog and keep everything all in one spot.  It has become the dumping ground for lots of other peoples stuff too unfortunately.  
It’s back to the grind next week, school and work.  I can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “In the news

  1. Oh I miss the Frankfurt airport. I know that is weird, but it was always because I knew I was going to see soemone I love and show them around – I miss Germany. I’m glad you got some great tiem with the folks. And your new work space is super snazzy! I admit, I’m just a touch jealous of your Bilss time. LOL Enjoy it for me too – can I request a song? :o)


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