What’s your favorite point and shoot?

I want to use some of my Christmas money get a small point and shoot camera to keep in my bag all the time.  How often are you out and about and wishing you had your camera?  Me too.  If you have a recommendation for a good one let me know.  I saw this got excellent reviews and top ratings but I like to hear first hand from users too 🙂  Canon Powershot A1000 IS

It’s a ten megapixel with a good zoom and a bargain I think at roughly 150€.

Any thoughts on the Nikon CoolPix S560 or S550?  NIKON

5 thoughts on “What’s your favorite point and shoot?

  1. I have a “purse camera” and love the flexibility (not having to drag around the big black camera all the time). I had a Cannon Powershot but it got the dreaded E7 error, which I later found out is common for that make of camera. Oh well. After we got re-imbursed from the warranty company (super fast, too… I highly recommend squaretrade for all your online purchases) I test ran a few other cameras. I didn’t like the Nikon (forget the name)- too yellow cast and there was one other that I didn’t care for. Anyway, I settled on a Sony Cyber-Shot. No complaints, has a macro setting that I love and even does some video. Fabulous. Good luck with your choice!


  2. I wanted a pocket camera, in addition to our big Nikons we use for work, so my hubby got me one for Christmas. It's a FujiFilm FinePix J10. It's literally fits in my pocket, & takes pretty good photos for such a tiny thing. More good points? The card in it is the same as your D40, so you can used whatever card reader to download photos that you use for your D40. And it has a rechargable battery more like the big cameras.


  3. I LoVe my Canon G9. I don’t know if it is the size you are looking for but I definitly keep it in my purse, although I do carry a big purse. LOL I’d also recommend putting whatever camera you do get in a snazzy case to throw in your purse – the viewing screens seem to scrathch easy. Ooops! My husband has a Canon Powershot that he uses at work and totally abuses and it still takes awesome pics. I don’t think you could go wrong with a Canon or Nikon.


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