Happy New Year (or something like that)

As my son said this morning as he forced my eyes open at 8 am (my day to sleep in 🙂 

Happy New Year!

So another year has come upon us and another year has gone by.  It’s been a busy year (so far as I can remember anyway).  There’s been school and work and traveling.  And laughter and singing and dancing.  It’s been a good year, another long one in Germany and we are officially down to 14 months left here.  It’s hard to believe come March 1 we will have been here for three years.  (Yeah, that scares me too.)
We had a wonderful view of all the fireworks last night because from our balcony in the living room you can see the riverbank distantly and the fireworks went on and on for about 45 minutes.  There were plenty around our house too.  Unfortunately the video didn’t come out well but lets just say the sky was lit and the noise was loud and the smoke-ish smell hung in the air for a good long time.  It was actually pretty cool.  Last year was like this – 2008 
And yep, it was pretty much like that again this year just not quite so close (which was a relief!)

A lot of people do New Year’s Resolutions but I really don’t, not formally.  There are lots of things I want to accomplish this year though:

Finish my fourth book
Publish any of the previous ones I’ve written
Learn and learn from my upcoming classes in Jan and Feb
Enjoy our Disney vacation (that includes not barfing on the cruise ship, a real fear)
Make it through the rest of the school year
Move (at some point, I just want to know where we are going next year)
Enjoy my kids more (and yell less)
Find a babysitter that either a) doesn’t move back to America or b) have a baby (I’d like to get back to our regularly scheduled random date night again)
Become a college student

So there are the goals for the year if you want to call them that.  I hope 2009 brings everyone a good fruitful year and you reach whatever goals you’ve set.
Please see my post below if you have any camera suggestions!  Thanks!  Hopefully the new blog look will be installed by the end of the week as well 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year (or something like that)

  1. You have a good view there.Finnish firework laws are similarly relaxed. We were nearly injured by a badly aimed firework when choosing our vantage point.Happy new year. Good luck with the goals.


  2. WOW – loads of great goals for 2009! I would love to go back to school as well – no funds – no time!Hope your vacation is great – and me no cruises – I always puke! Then am rocking for days after the cruise is over!


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