Too Funny NOT to Post! Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday

I don’t know that this qualifies for Photo Friday over at Candid Carrie’s but it’s so dang funny.  Read the small print (easier if you click the link)  Happy Laughing!

To see this more up close click here for the original site  (Read the fine print!)
Please scroll down to my older posts for New Year greetings and I am seeking recommendations for a purse size camera!
*Remember that haircut I was so happy to final be able to get?  HA!  I got hubby to watch the kids, drove thirty minutes, went around and around to find parking and got into the shop ten minutes early.  Only to find the hairdresser was sick.  NICE!  And no one bothered to call and tell me.  They asked if I’d like to reschedule. Umm, NO.  So once again I am defeated and will go back to my regular once a year when I visit my parents haircuts.  Sigh.

8 thoughts on “Too Funny NOT to Post! Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday

  1. Very Nice on the new blog! Bummer about your hair! I would be not happy at all that they didn’t call. 😦 When you come to visit you need to come see my hair dresser. She’ll fix you right up!


  2. OMG that is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh Andrea, and Happy New Year! I’m totally going to copy this for my non-blogging readers but I’ll be sure to link to you and give you all the credit!Oh, and take heart about the haircuts–you are not the only one who does a once a year trim up. I feel bad that they didn’t even bother to call you though-that totally blows!


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