I have no words

Apparently I should keep my mouth shut because we woke up to this this morning (and it’s still snowing!)  And um, oh yeah, there’s like five or six inches on the driveway.  Anyone have a shovel??  Cause we actually don’t.  Because it doesn’t snow here if I remember correctly and since we spent the last two previous years in an apartment we’ve never needed a shovel.  But now, we need one.  I guess I’ll finally be taking the tags off those snow boots I bought back in 2006 before we moved here.

This greeted my parents when they got home New Years Day after spending twelve days with us here in Germany.  Even having grown up in the Pacific Northwest for 18 years and being used to snow I’ve never seen anything like this.  This all fell within a matter of a DAY (plus about 6 inches yesterday).  Madness I tell you, madness!

4 thoughts on “I have no words

  1. lol We are supposed to be getting another big storm tonight. Yay to us! 🙂 The snow is not the bad part, it’s when it snows and then rains and then turns to slush. YUCK!


  2. Aw, we got snow up here in the south of Sweden then, too….I LOVE it, the random and uncommon snow. It makes the winter so much prettier. It is also my first time with a snow shovel!!! Ok, it wasn’t me with the shovel…it was thehubby…but I did get the sled out for our kid:) Nice to find another american abroad blog!


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