I Like Butterflies

I like butterflies as you can see from my blog.  Three things I’ve written use Butterfly in the title.  With money from Christmas burning a whole in my pocket (isn’t that always the case?) and with hopes of repairing my old laptop so I don’t need to buy a new one and of course after I get that pocket camera (decided on a Canon Powershot of some sort) I’ve got plenty for one of these pretty little gems.  Now, Hubby buys me electronics, which is great (have I mentioned that I want to be buried with the pink iPod he gave me for our anniversary last year that he had engraved??  The man is a romantic just not with jewels) so that means I am on my own for jewelry.  The last piece I got was my wedding ring.  Enough said.  
So I thought it was appropriate when I found these two sweet necklaces on Tiffany.com.  I have always wanted a little blue box (and lucky me, all orders come with a little blue box and white ribbon bow!)

And I want to buy one.  The problem is which one?  Which do you think is the prettiest?  Have you ever bought yourself a nice piece of jewelry?  Or do you have a spouse who gives in the jewelry department?  

9 thoughts on “I Like Butterflies

  1. lol yeah hubby is not real good at the jewelry department either. For our tenth, I picked out a ring and said “What a sweetie! Thanks for getting this for me” lol. Hmmm tough decision on the butterfiles. I like them both..Hmm….how much money did you say you had? 😉


  2. I love both of these…and especially love the little blue box! LOL Here is what I am thinking on the necklaces that may help you decide: Both are great – the 1st one is more obvious that it is a dainty little butterfly, the 2nd option offers a little more interest and is not as obvious and maybe a little heavier. So it kind of just depends on what you’re going for.Just some thoughts – you can’t go wrong! Can’t wait to see what you pick!


  3. Eric buys me jewelry- I would probably not buy often if left to myself. You’ve got to decide if you want something that is def. a butterfly (more cute or straightforward) or something that is open to interpretation (abstract). I like the abstract one, but you may have to tell people what it is.


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