I did it! I did it! & Trash Woes

It may be a dumb reason to be happy but I got my order from H&M to go through.  Go Me!  I deciphered the German (with minimal help from my Mac – love the translation widget!)  Ah, all my pretty little summer things will be arriving shortly 🙂  I’m so happy I’m treating you to a fashion preview of all the goodies (cause I just know you want to see it, 🙂  Add in a few long sleeve plain tops (in hellgrün and hellrosa) and there you go.  Now I just need some new shoes or something and I’m all set for summer.

So there’s the new stuff.  I can’t wait until it comes 🙂  So moving on to the next issue. 

Trash collection.  Not sexy nor fun but heck it gets a lot of talk in our house.  Did you know we have four separate bins for trash and that means four separate pick ups?  Sounds fun especially when you calculate that doesn’t include glass bottle recycling or the bottles you pay deposit on (which is every bottle that contains liquids you’d drink here like water and coke and beer.   Everything.  Those go back to the, as we call it with affection, Drink Store.  Cute name, no?) 

Anyway.  Black trash pick-up was Monday.  Black trash is food waste or other stained with food type of items.  I admit we put a lot more than proper ‘black’ designated trash in there.  I simply don’t have room for four trash cans in my teeny tiny kitchen, three is pushing it as it is.  So we generate a lot of black trash.  Did I mention they only pick up this trash can (which is about half the size of a regular US trash can if not smaller) every two weeks?  Yep, every two weeks. Our can is always too full.  And if you have extra don’t be thinking you can stick in on the ground around the trash can.  Because they won’t take it.  It has to actually be in the trash can.  Not on top of the trash can, not on the ground around the trash can, but in the trash can. 

Guess how many times we’ve met that goal?  

We put overflowing black trash in the green bin which is for yard waste & organic or some other such thing we really never use.  For all of you who are curious our other bins are Yellow Trash (plastic yogurt cups, wrappings, other special plastics and milk cartons.  Oh, but not cardboard, that’s a different can.)  And these trash bags can only be gotten (free!) from the local Rathhaus or town hall.  I kid you not.  Only use these special yellow bags and only put the
specified trash in them.  The trash collectors look at the pretty much see through bags and if they find something that doesn’t belong they slap an orange sticker on it and back to you it goes.  So you can figure out what on earth is in there that’s wrong.  This gets picked up once a month.  Yep, once.  And then there’s a brown can which I don’t know if that is really what we call Blue which is paper or if that’s the green one that most people call the Blue trash.  No idea. Blue is however for paper products like newspapers and cardboard, I think.  

What was my original point?  I get lost in trash talk you know.  Oh yes the black trash.  It’s been out there at the curb since Monday.  It snowed.  So have they come to get the trash yet?  NO.  And I know it’s not that we got the day wrong about pickup, the neighbors trash is out there too.  So we wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.  I don’t know when they will come get the trash but hopefully really soon cause that green trash that holds the black trash overflow is getting kinda full.  

And I really don’t want to have to be sneaking trash out to other locations in the black of night just to make it go away you know??  Boy do I miss those apartment dumpsters about now!

And the really weird thing that happened last night?  Where our trash cans are located is down this super steep driveway next to our house.  The two basement levels used to be an apartment so I guess this was the driveway for that apartment.  But good luck getting a car up or down it, it’s that steep.  Anyway, there is this little space about halfway down that’s pretty much under the driveway and that’s where the trash cans are.  Last night after dinner I’m helping Boo with homework and I hear all this chattering outside the window.  The window that over looks this area.  And it turns out not to be our neighbor (who’s apartment door is at the same level as the lower driveway).  

It’s punk ass kids sledding down our side driveway.  I kid you not.  What dumb asses.  I’d like to point out it’s a brick driveway and we only got about six inches of snow.  And there’s this whole thing called a cement house they could hit, not to mention PRIVATE PROPERTY.  But no, to them it’s a sledding hill.  Hubby kindly asked them to haul tush out of there.  That didn’t work so he used the only words that would Polizei.  Yep, that did it!
Some days with all that above, I feel like I live on another planet not just in a different country.  What fun things have happened to you recently?  Clothing store nightmares?  Online purchase go awry?  Trash woes?  Let me hear em!

13 thoughts on “I did it! I did it! & Trash Woes

  1. I like the clothes. But I think that you are taking the trash thing the wrong way. I can only tell you how it works here and in NRW, but I know that the bins that cost money can be “rented” in different sizes. So if you are consistently overflowing your bin, get a larger size. I paid for garbage pick up in NY, so I don’t see a problem here. Would it be too expensive to upsize? Even though I have (oh so many) bins as well, I actually love it. It makes me feel that I am doing my tiny bit for the planet. I love my greenpoint- that’s the one where you have paid the fee for recycling through the purchase of the product and therefore pick up is free: you know, yogurt, milk cartons, basically all plastics and small metals and lids? I love that so much is recycled here and that is consistently my greatest outflow- from the bag hanging on the back of the kitchen door.I am confused by your description of bio waste- that is, all the table scraps, napkins smeared with food: here that is the black bin. Then we have two glass (color and white) that we take to separate bins after keeping in 1 bag here, then paper and cardboard (hanging on a bag on the radiator) that here go into a blue bin. Everything else goes into the grey (restmoell)bin: for us that is mainly diapers.


  2. LOVE the pink skirt! I think I have a similar shirt to the green shirt but in periwinkle blue. I like the green one better. You’ll be stylin’As for the garbage issue, totally stressed me out just reading about it. Good luck.


  3. HOLY TRASH BATGIRL! That is crazy and I salute you for not being insane living there! I thought we were trash anal here in the U.S. in some states… NO, not that I have heard this story. The outfits are cute, they so look like your style and you will wear them well!The punks! Well, I am not sure where to go with this. It is very difficult to deal with delinquents! Good luck with that one!Sarah kTaiwankiddo2.blotspot.com


  4. Crash – Hang out anytime for the music. You should get the Erin McCarley album. I am LOVING every song, obsessively.As for the clothes we are going to Florida/Bahamas next month so I need some pretty stuff 🙂 And it’s better than thinking about the snow boots I actually need to be wearing.Anytime you need someone to wave a palm frond for you in Hawaii you let me know 😉


  5. Very cute clothes! I didn't realize you could order online from H&M! I'll have to check it out. Oh, I HATED the trash situation in Germany. We were stationed there for nearly 5 years and loved it-but the trash was crazy! We always had way more..and would end up sneaking it on base to dump it. SSHH!! I'll tell you what, if we get stationed there again, I think I'll choose to live on base just so we won't have the same restrictions!!


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