Orders and Upcoming Events

Thanks for the input on the necklace.  I ordered the second more abstract looking one (should have known Tisra would find the word I was looking for about it 😉  As much as I like the first I like the heavier weight of the second (thanks Kacey, hadn’t thought of that!) and the more free look of it.  So it’s winging it’s way to my parents house and they’ll bring it for me when we meet in Disney in February.
Today I may try to duplicate the order I placed at H&M (the one that I took forever placing that never showed up).  At least we were never charged for the stuff.  But geez!  Anyway last night when hubby got the mail, as we were going to bed, I honestly never think to get the mail for some reason cause it’s not like it’s ever for me anyway.  There’s this huge H&M catalog that I am now looking through.  They can’t get me my order but they can send me the catalog?…whatever.  The ‘Little Square’ as we call it has an H&M so I may go over there either today (still have that snow issue today and have to grocery shop and Chick has therapy) or tonight after hubby gets home.  But then it’s driving at night in the snow so maybe not.  Who knows?  Either way I am definitely outfitting myself with some fun new clothes before our trip.  I need stuff.  Non kid stained stuff.  This means I can’t wear any of it between now and the trip so it will remain stain free.  Ah, the joys of kids huh?
Picture from Tiaras and Tantrums Website

On to the actual purpose of this post (and I did have one) Tiaras and Tantrums
is having this super fun event on Friday.  What Are You Wearing?  where you take a picture of what you’re wearing and describe where you got it and the cost and why you like it.  I was in Paris the last time she did it so I missed out but I loved reading other peoples posts (and it showed me just how fashion forward I am not).  So if you want to join in go over to her site for more info and then join in on Friday!

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