Cost Cutters, Anti-Vomit Tips & Music

Great variety for today don’t you think?  I mean read that title again.  I’ll wait.
Great huh?  The first item Cost Cutters doesn’t refer to haircuts but to having to cut the cost in the medical world around here.  Chick goes to (or rather used to go to) two kinds of therapy; speech and occupational.  The speech is twice a week and we’ve been going since July.  Progress, while slowing is coming along.  Hopefully she’ll be really talking by her third birthday in May.  The occupational we only started about a month and half ago.  The evaluation visit they said they didn’t understand why she was there.  She walks just fine and has excellent fine motor skills.  But the speech therapist recommended it so I did it.  Once a week on Wednesday mornings.
Tuesday at speech (for which we go twice a week for forty minute sessions) she told me I would finally be getting a bill.  Yep, it works different here for that too.  I haven’t paid a dime to her since we started in July.  I have no idea how doctors and such can wait so long to be paid but it wasn’t my idea so they must know what they are doing right?  So, I find out how much she charges per hour… 60€ an hour.  
Bury me now.  
Do you know how fun it was to tell Hubby that?  And insurance only covers 80% of that cost. The bill will be about 1100€ total.  Oh Joy.  We have the fun reimbursement insurance because it’s international so we need to pay first and get our money back later.  We’ll manage it but the occupational therapist just called to arrange our next session and I had to tell her we won’t be coming anymore.  
We are cash cows to these people with private insurance since Germany has social medicine (is that the correct term??)  The government pays for the healthcare (if that’s wrong please correct me but that’s the way I understand it).  I can’t imagine that to be honest and I sincerely hope the US never goes and does the same.  We get treated very differently (aka a TON better) with private insurance than the people who have government insurance.  It’s not fair but that’s how it is.
I can’t wait until we get the bill for the occupational therapy, which is an actual office not like the speech for which we are using a room at the local American Protestant church since the speech therapist doesn’t have an actual office.  
I am sure I can teach Chick to stretch for toys and do yoga-esque stuff like the OT was.  Really, I have Yoga for Dummies and a mat.  How hard can it be?
Anti-Vomit, our second topic today.  As I have mentioned one (or several hundred times) we are going on a cruise next month.  And I need all your tips and thoughts for preventing motion sickness.  (Especially you American in Norway, Miss former cruise worker lady, I know you must know how to prevent it!)  I was the kid who went snow skiing every weekend, got to the top of the mountain resort parking lot (after having taken my Dramimine nap) and barfed all over.  It never actually stopped me from skiing.  We drove up the mountain, I barfed and then we skied.  As my sis, she can vouch for me 🙂  
Not to mention the Cape May – Lewis Ferry Crossing.  Hubby may never let me forget that one.  I may not have actually barfed on that trip but I was close.  So close, Boo may not realize how lucky he was not to have seen mommy’s lunch that day.
And of course I’ve had a ferry crossing incident just like Crash’s (minus the IL’s) from Oahu to Molikini (?) or some other tiny island thereabouts when I was 15.  Barfed all day.  Laid in the back of the rental car while everyone else explored the island because if I sat up, yep, I barfed.  
So needless to say, I’m a bit worried about this whole Disney Cruise ship for three nights thing. I can not barf in front of my hero Mickey.  I simply can’t do it.  I won’t do it.  So give me ALL your ideas for Barf prevention, I so need them.  (The ironic part of this whole motion sickness thing is I grew up on a boat.  On a lake but still a boat and never barfed once.)
And music.  I have recently found and fallen in love with Erin McCarley.  Her song is the first on my little iPod thingy on the side.  It was a free download from iTunes and then BAM!  I fell in love with her other songs and had to buy the entire album.  Fantastic.  Loving it.  Over and Over.  You should check it out.  Here are a few samples of the words from one of the songs:

You stumble down your yellow brick road

Spinnin your shoes in the air, the air

Then you hold your breath and count to nine

Hopin that soon somebody will find you, find you

Go on Go on Go on

The stars are watching

Just say just say just say

What your feeling

You know You know You know

you gotta take a bow and do it your way

It’s okay

Its time for you to prove within your ruby shoes 
You deserve a smile with no regret

Oh look at you kickin up your shoes

Dance for the world to see!

You’ve got the power to believe

So open up and sing

Now go be free and fly away

That’s a bit out of order but from the song Pony (It’s OK).(and I don’t know what is wrong with the font and stuff on some of it.  Me, Blogger and font size have never been friends.)  Wait until you hear the one about the Blue Suitcase or quickly becoming my favorite – Love, Save the Empty.  

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Don’t forget tomorrow is What Are You Wearing? over at Tiaras & Tantrums so make sure to play along!


8 thoughts on “Cost Cutters, Anti-Vomit Tips & Music

  1. When you are on the statutory insurance, you pay part of the cost of your insurance, and your employer pays the other part. I think the government just administers it. I’ve always been treated quite well when I go to the doctor and it’s easy because the system is well understood by the secretaries, care providers, etc. I pay 10 EUR per quarter for doctor visits, up front before the first appointment of the quarter. Love it! We were on private international insurance for the first three months here before I got a job, and the coverage wasn’t nearly as good and it cost more. Luckily we never had to use it during that time.


  2. As CN says, insurance in German is not free. It would actually cost us more (after all the deductibles and out of pockets)for us to go on public then it does our international with its 20% co-pay, although lord am I sick of submitting (won’t accept PDFs from Germany, so it has to go physical), following up, arguing, dealing with the exchange rate, etc. This year public will allow everyone to enter and next year I think that we will go on it, just to avoid all the crap that I have been dealing with it.As of now, public insurance is 15% of income, with a cap, but like everything else in Germany it is income dependent (like kita) so the very poor are covered by the government. I think it is a fabulous system and in most respects works wonderfully well. It doesn’t make doctors extraordinarily wealthy, but then medial school is free so they have no debt and they are very comfortable with their incomes.I hope and pray (and voted) in the belief that this would be the best system for the US. Let the investment bankers go private while the citizens of the US can at least rely on having medical coverage. Although in this country, a free market economy in minimum mandated care has produced private which is far cheaper than if I tried to go non-subsidized by employer private in NY, the state I am intimately familiar with.Motion sickness- my mom uses those bracelets with things on pressure points. She also uses dramamine, which I think more effective.Speech therapy, etc. I am so sorry. Because I worked while Thing1 was youndg and we had a German au pair, I also worried about her speech. She was so late that I had her tested. But I had her tested both in German and English and the tester said that although her expressive skills were delayed, her other were normal to advanced and to wait . At three, her language skills just exploded. I had been very woried, becuase the baby next ddor was forming sentences at 12 months and mine at 2 years had5 words. With #2, we just knew the problem. At a little earlier (32 months) she started speaking (in German with a receptive understanding of English. Last year, though, the kita teachers were worried about her and I pooh-poohed them. I actually think that in many cases speech therapists are all about milking their clients. I see that with my friends in the US as well. Children are never “better” enough to not need therapy and no parent wants to deprive their child of what a medical person says is needed.


  3. See isn’t her music awesome everyone? And look down below. Look how cute her clothes are!!!! Hi Blogging Mama. We just came over from the slumber party to listen to your new records and look through your closet. Can I borrow your green double breasted jacket? Oh, and thanks for the anti-Barfing your brains out tips. Wish I had read this before I took the super ferry.


  4. That’s interesting about the socialized medicine. I’ve always wondered. I’ve always wanted to ask someone. Interesting. I’m scared of socialism. OK. HEREs MY tip for your cruise. The PATCH. And a barf bag on hand. And curl up into a little ball on a vinyl couch with a sweatshirt over your head. The cruise won’t be that bad!!! It’s a bigger ship.OOOOOOH, i LOVE COLD PLAY! I LOVE COLD PLAY! I LOVE COLD PLAY! Where’s my cousin, EMILY? She loves COLD PLAY Too! Where are my kids? They love COLD PLAY too!


  5. Funny, but I don’t remember you throwing up when we went skiing. I don’t really have any ideas on what can help you with motion sickeness either? Hypnotics? lol Anyway about Chick, try not to stress so much. Tyler really didn’t talk in coherent sentences until he was around three. She’ll be talking a mile a minute in no time and you’ll be wishing for a bit of quiet. 🙂


  6. We have on been on 8 cruises. Includig the Disney cruise. The boats really are so big, you hardly feel the movement. BUT – For the first 4 cruises I always took the non drowsy dramamine, just in case. And take it in the morning and start taking it a day or two before you get on the boat – that way it is in your system before you even get on. THen take it each morning when you wake up. You will LOVE that cruise. If your a Disney fan – It is just awesome!!!! Enjoy!!


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