Now until January 31

I am going to busy busy busy from now until the end of the month.  I have two projects (one major) underfoot.  Starting Monday I have my Slush Pile class for writing.  It will be very interesting and hopefully generate some good forward progress towards getting published.  It will last until the 26th.  I highly recommend Writers U for classes regarding writing and all things related.  I will be taking my third class with them, a month long Psychology of Characters class starting February 1.  This is the month long version of the one week class I took on the same subject last fall.  I get to learn how to analyze people into personality types and see what their typical flaws and traits are based on their type.  And I get to create my characters from the info.  It is so fun 🙂
The second project may be why you’ll be hearing crickets around here for awhile.  Confidentiality requires that I be mum on what it is (how cool is that?  This is an actual PAID work/research/writing project.)  But will be requiring quite a lot of time in front of the Mac not blogging.  I am filled with trepidation (good word huh?) about this project as it will require me to stretch and search high and low.  But I am confident I will succeed.  Hopefully anyway.  Okay, I’m freaked it isn’t going to be right but hey I’ll do my best!
So check back every now and then, listen to the music, stay awhile.  I might be MIA in blogging and reading blogs for a bit but hey, that’s the way it goes right?

8 thoughts on “Now until January 31

  1. Hi! Haven’t been by in a while but glad to see you are doing well. Good luck with your project and thanks so much for the link to that WritersU. I’ll be back the next time ds takes a long nap (probably won’t be for a while).


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