Oh help

OK, I said I wasn’t going to blog but I have to.  I have wads to do for the paid project but that’ll come.  Right now I just completed my homework for day one of my class.  After reading everyone else’s homework (share your five year writing plan goals)  I can safely say I’m depressed now.  Almost all of them have specific publishers to sell to and as far as year three at least of the titles of their books they want to write.  Umm, hello?  I’d like to just finish the third in my series (somewhat titled) and I have one idea (no title) for another.  That’s it so far.  Blech.  
Our instructor hit the USA Today list with book FREAKIN two.  Which is awesome in that she can teach us a ton about getting there someday too.  But geesh, most of the people in the class have at least had rejections, I have yet to actually submit anything (my fault of course).  I am afraid of the big bad query letter and synopsis.  That is so much harder than writing the actual book. 
Write a book? 
No problem.  
Write a query letter to an editor or publisher along with a synopsis?  
Idontwannaidontwanna   Yeah, something like that, helk and all that too.

6 thoughts on “Oh help

  1. You must begin somewhere. And, while a synopsis and letter to an editor seem like the tough part to you, THAT is, at least, teachable and very doable (once you conquer the mental block). You can do it! Let the comparing game spur you on toward your best work, leaving the discouragement behind! You have so much to be proud of, and it sounds as though you are in the right crowd. Your instructor, alone, seems to be a tremendous asset!


  2. I am ‘write’ there with you. I could write oodles of things but not letter to anyone trying to sell my wares. I have two ideas…pretend your character is writing the letter and the synopsis or two…just send a link to your blog to a publisher.


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