Guess what?  Crash said I’m follower of the week!  The award goes to and all that jazz. 
 Ahh, you rock!  
Feel free to steal anything you like from the closet or the music list.  I’m so flattered (guess I should find something interesting to say… hmm.)  Busy week maybe I’ll come back to that later today.  My new camera is due to arrive so maybe I’ll have a picturefest over here later.  Nothing as cool as Jack Johnson like you Crash but maybe a few cows from the hillside?  Or horses?  Or crazy Germans?   Yep all those I can do!
OK so I emailed hubby at work (not like he’s got something to do or anything 😉 and asked him what I should blog about.  He said him, so here goes.
Did you know that once when I posted the following picture I was told that Hubby looked like Matt Damon?  Yep, totally true.  And if you look I think that’s fairly accurate actually.

Hubby and Matt

Hubby was away on Monday night for a work event (aka team building or some such thingy where you pretend to actually like your co-workers.  But in his case he was hobnobbing with the VP’s of his group.)  Anywho hubby was put in charge of the team event.  That in itself can be scary.  Not because he isn’t good at this stuff, he’s perhaps too good at it.  Have I ever told you all about the Jeopardy Lunch Game he put on at work awhile back?  NO?  Well, that was pretty funny especially since some of the people playing (he pitted one work group against another like IT versus HR or something) didn’t even know what Jeopardy was.  This is after all Germany, they don’t get that one here.  Anyway I’d have paid money to watch that.  He based all the questions around things about the company.  How creative is that?
Wait until you hear what he planned this time.

Blindfolded Indoor Mini-Golf.  

Seriously, how could that NOT be fun?  He made little courses from wood and stuff.  And you had to answer questions about your co-workers on your team.  Like who on your team said Top Gun was their favorite movie, who was an only child, stuff like that.  Again, I so would have paid money to see that.  Apparently there are pictures but I know that I’m likely not going to get to see them.  Darn it.
I am sure Hubby will happily come up with a good Team Builder for your next corporate event if you like.  Simply click the Contact Me button above and I’ll have him send you a quote.
I gotta say, I love my guy.
And Crash?  I totally stole saying helk from you.  It’s right up there with seriously and whatever for me these days.

7 thoughts on “Ahhh!

  1. He does look like Matt Damon. And what great ideas he has. I get totally perplexed when trying to come up for activities. I tried to come up for things when I did direct sales. But my brain does not think like that.Blind folded mini golf does sound like fun. There is a place at our mall that does glow in the dark mini golf. It’s a riot…


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