Who would you be?

My kids are obsessed with Madagascar (the first movie we haven’t seen the second).  We watch it almost everyday it seems.  We quote the movie ‘Cute and cuddly, boys, cute and cuddly’ ‘All hail, the New York Giants!’  and of course both kids shake their groove thing to the Move It Move It song the lemur King Julian dances to.
An additional bonus is the Penguins Christmas Caper that’s on the dvd.  Not a moment goes by that we don’t laugh at that one.  
‘Kaboom?  Yes Rico, Kaboom.’  I could go on and on.
For Halloween next year we’ve decided to make our four family members the four penguins. Hubby will be Skipper, I’ll be Kowalski, Boo will be Rico and Chick will be Private.  Perfect provided we can come up with some great costumes.
If you could be a Madagascar character who would you be?  
Melman the Giraffe?
a complete hypochondriac

Alex the Lion?
born into a life of privilege

Gloria the Hippo?
a hip hippo, beautiful, smart and independent

Marty the Zebra?
a dreamer and adventurer

A penguin?
the zoo is a conspiracy and they are always plotting escape

One of the Chimpanzees?
always on a coffee break but can throw poo at a moments notice

So tell me, who would you be?
And by the way, got the new camera, battery is charging.  But here’s the thing it literally fits in my jeans pocket and is SMALLER than my Blackberry.  How nuts is that??

7 thoughts on “Who would you be?

  1. Umm… I have never seen the movie all the way through…am I bad mommy? I want to make my family dress up as pippi Longstocking… with Bjørn being Pippi & Eva being the monkey Mr. Nelson…. dane & I can be the 2 kids… not sure I can sell them on it though..


  2. I love it that you are creative enough to do that. I would never pull it off. But I LOVE Madagascar. It is just hilarious. And the sequel…just as funny. One of my favorite movies we saw this holiday.I like the penguins best. I am a huge fan of a conspiracy theory 🙂


  3. We are HUGE Madagascar fans in my house! When we went to NYC recently, my 3 year old kept pointing to everything and screaming, “Madagascar!” at all the things he recognized.Love your costume idea! Did you know that there is a new cartoon tv series coming out that is about those penguins of Madagascar? I don’t know if you’ll get it out in Europe, but my kids can’t wait until it starts.


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