Looking for some recommendations and What Are You Wearing?

I want to go to the RWA conference in DC in July.  The problem is the cost of the hotel.  Supposedly the RWA has negotiated reduced rates for the hotel the conference is at, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.  The non-special everyday ordinary rate is $299 a night.  It’s very doubtful that the special rate is oh like an affordable $100-150 a night.  Especially considering the early registration price for RWA members just to attend the conference is $425 smackers.  They throw in a few lunches and breakfast and one gala night dinner, wahoo!  Hotel is on your own.  Can I just point out DC ain’t cheap??
And to find a hotel other than the Marriott, which I am, I also need to get to the conference hotel easily and cheaply.  The Metro you’re saying.  Love the DC Metro.  Easy, clean and fast.  Love it.  Always have, always will and I know (or used to know it anyway) very well.  The nearest stop (two blocks away) is on the Woodley Park Zoo – Adams Morgan, red line I believe. 
So anyone have any cheap (not-scary) ideas for a hotel with easy access to that Metro stop?  I’ve google earthed it to death and the cheapest I can come up with is a Days Inn in Chevy Chase saying $120 a night but claims no rooms available for the dates or a B&B for $170 that’s down the street from the conference center.  (If I want to share a bath with strangers the rates drop to about $100 a night, but this woman doesn’t do sharing a bathroom.  After all I’m not in college anymore.)
I am counting on all of you to come with some ideas please!  I’ll throw in a special prize for you, umm, I’ll mention that you gave me the hotel name 🙂
On to the second edition of What Are You Wearing? on Blogging Mama!  Please be sure to visit Tiara’s & Tantrums and play along.
The jeans are from Tom Tailor and I got them at Kauhfof.  On sale for 12€, yep from the original price of 70€ down to 12€.  Steal of the century.  And the famous crocs from my last WAYW?
Back long sleeve shirt from J-Crew, probably $20.  I’ve had it a long time so it’s all soft and faded but great for layering.  Fuschia ribbed zip sweater from DKNY.  I think I got it back in 05 during the after Christmas sale at Macy’s.  Likely under $40 cause I am all about the savings!
The necklace is an actual Danish Kroner (they have a hole in the middle) and a key charm from a bracelet I have that broke.  I strung them on the cord and voila, instant jewelry.

10 thoughts on “Looking for some recommendations and What Are You Wearing?

  1. You’d have to connect lines to get to your stop, but I quite liked the Hilton Garden Inn Courthouse Plaza in Arlington, when I stayed there. It was relatively affordable, and two blocks from the Metro stop. The neighborhood seemed clean and safe to me–I wouldn’t have any qualms about walking from the Metro station to the hotel in the evenings.


  2. Don’t have any hints as to where you could stay unless a fellow blogger opes up their guest room. But then I guess you would have to share a bathroom and I’m with you on that one!Love the necklace and girl do you know you are skinny!! (lucky girl)Thanks for playing!


  3. I am sorry that I don’t have suggestions for a hotel. Do you know anyone else that is going that you could split a room with? I’d love to go…would be fun…but if I am going to Blogher which is also in July…I don’t think I can swing this one, too!


  4. As long as you’re definitely going to the conference, check Expedia. For the Washington DC market, I find they offer really good prices. Last time I was in town over the December holidays I picked up a small boutique hotel in downtown DC through them for 50/night.Would lean toward staying in downtown, walkable DC rather than the metro, if possible. Remembering sticky July summers in DC and the packed metro. 😉


  5. saw your comment over on heather’s blog and i wanted to wish you all the best on your submission to an agent. i know how scary that is and how hard it is to put your work and yourself on the line like that! congrats to you for doing it and congrts for finishing your novel! hope you enjoy RWA this summer! 🙂


  6. Check out betterbidding.com. It gives a list of hotels that Hotwire.com uses. You can check it out, then go to hotwire and pick a hotel. If you need some extra help let me know. I have helped many people with hotels,etc. I just got a Grand Hyatt in Florida regular price around $200.00 for $80.00!!


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