Let’s Play Q & A

I love Kat over at Sunshine and Lemonade.  She always has this fun Friday Follies thing where she (or a guest questioner) ask questions of her readers.  It’s a fun idea, a great way to see a bit more about the virtual people who read a blog and can inspire some fun discussions.  Hubby and I talked about her series of door questions this past week.  We found a house in the neighboring town of Linz that had a door from the 14th century, just sitting right there along the street.  It was amazing.
So not to copy (cause no one could ever be Kat) I want to ask a few questions of my own about all of you.  In no particular order please answer the following questions (if you care to)
Do you have a signature scent? Perfume, cologne, eua de baby vomit?  If you have one that you wear please list the brand and name.
Which do you tend to wear more heels or flats? (obviously for my girl readers, or guys if you’ve got a preference list it, I don’t judge!)  For guys sneakers or nice work/date shoes? (like loafers or whatever it is guys wear)
What type of drink do you order on a first date? And let me know if your answer depends on where the date is (bar, club, restaurant).
If you recently moved into a new city/town, after finding a place to live what would be the first thing you would do or place you would go?  What would be your priority?  (finding other people like yourself, finding the library, store, park, etc.)
And coming soon a review of my new camera.  I am LOVING the pictures this thing takes and the speed is fantastic.  With it’s tiny, itty bitty size, it is amazing.  Here’s an example of the pictures this can take – 

7 thoughts on “Let’s Play Q & A

  1. Chanel No. 5. Wear it almost every day.Heels. Yes, I’m 5’9″ without them. But damn I look good in heels!I was 19 on my last first date. Diet coke?Toss up. Kidz school and the grocers. Everything else just follows.


  2. Recently, CK OneLately, snowboots, then to church, heels or boots. A date? What’s that? lol Oh yeah. Probably diet pepsiSchool and store. Maybe the library and park.


  3. 1) No signature scent – just a jumble of shampoo, deoderant, moisturizer and what ever bath and body spray I feel like.2)High heels almost every day3)Ice Cold Coke please – I would order this same thing on the second date and 5,430th date too.4)After finding the school, I would find a house and then I would find the shopping mecca! it’s all about priorities!


  4. Stella by Stella McCartneyHeels or running shoes… (no in between)Seabreeze or a Cosmo… date last week with some guy I picked up off of the internet…When we lived in the US it was about the schools… when we moved to Norway it was about how far away I could get hubby from his mamma… without being obvious


  5. Awww…I love to inspire 🙂 Not sure what I am inspiring…but there is my name. And my rock star cred gets enhanced :-)I don’t have a signature scent. Deodorant? I have perfume issues. They are too much. I sometimes spritz on a citrus scent from bath and body works…but I usually forget.Flats. I never could deal with heels. And I have yucky Fred Flinstone feet. So, wide feet high arches, and narrow heels do not lend themselves to cute shoes. I am in very comfy birkenstocks or crocs.I don’t drink. Just because it really doesn’t agree with me. I am a diet coke with a lime person…We moved into this house not quite 2 years ago. And our priorities were to meet our new neighbors…get registered for school…find the library.And now I am uber curious as to the whys of this post…since you hint it’s more than just fodder.


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