Happy Inauguration Day

Ah, CHANGE is a coming.  It starts at 11:30 Eastern so that’s 5:30 here, we’ll be tuning in.  It’s good ole American Chili for dinner tonight (and some Spanish Rioja wine) 
Happy Inauguration Day everyone!

For those who played along with my Q&A below, there is a specific reason I asked those questions, maybe I’ll tell you sometime.  Consider it research for now 🙂

5 thoughts on “Happy Inauguration Day

  1. I have to admit after your health care comments the other day I’m surprised that you are excited. But glad!! :DI don’t think you’ll miss anything, it starts at 4p our time and the actual swearing-in is guessed to happen around 6p.


  2. Mainly I think the way Germans are treated seemed unfair. I truly feel the healthcare here is substandard. And I can say that honestly having had two hospital stays and two emergency room visits in the less than three years we’ve been here. When I get taxed at their rate for things (20% sales, something insane like 40% for income right?) in the US, I’ll be happy to surrender my passport!One of the biggest things I don’t get here is why people don’t stand up and demand better treatment…


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