I love my Mac!

We have the greatest translation tool on the Mac.  As I discovered it even does Han or Traditional Chinese characters.  This would have come in handy during our wait for the Chick!
Here’s the symbol for (as given by the Han translation)

So what else can I make it say??
Chick’s Chinese name – (I don’t think it captured both parts of her name though) Sih-Syuan
But this is a fun tool I think I’m going to play with.  Oh, here’s another one that seems VERY relevant today
Temper Tantrum

And for fun the same in Japanese

성미 울화
истерика закала
And Greek
ξέσπασμα ιδιοσυγκρασίας
Yep, still temper tantrum.  Ah the joys of a TWO year old!

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