What I should do versus what I am doing

How many times have we all had one of these days?  We should be doing lots of stuff (laundry, cleaning, shopping, work) but instead we are sitting blogging, reading blogs, thinking of a blog post.  I seem to have this affliction quite often.  Today for instance I need to go to the grocery store (cause HIT didn’t have chicken breasts.  Yes, the grocery store didn’t have chicken breasts, how that is possible I do not know.)  And we are missing various other things.  I go to the grocery store everyday.  No joke.  I really do.  
Yesterday I had to go because when I went the day before the HIT didn’t have ground beef nor chicken (I hate having to order from the meat counter, my German comes out like ahgeuow rforifhorif, not pretty, especially when my almost seven year speaks it better than I do).  This means that yesterday I needed to go to the Edeka or ECenter.  It’s the closest thing to an American style grocery that we have here.  But the catch?  They don’t take credit cards.  Not usually a problem because I have an EC (ATM) card.  But I’m on my fourth one now that has had the magnetic chip go kaput.  I simply can’t fathom having to go yet again to the bank, submit my request and wait a week for my new card and pin number to arrive.  I can’t do it.  
So that means I need cash to visit the Edeka.  Have you ever taken for granted how easy it is to find a cash machine in the US?  Didn’t think so.  Here they are few and far between and none of them are drive ups.  They don’t do drive up or drive through here.  And if I visit say Sparkasse instead of PostBank or one of the two other banks affiliated with my bank, they’ll be happy to charge me a 4€ withdrawal fee.  I actually drive across the river to the PostBank by the Police station to get money sometimes.  Post Tower, which there is no parking or the Deutsche Bank for which there is construction blocking the sidewalk where I would normally park, or going to the Little Square (not the actual name) parking at Globus and walking to the Commerzbank are my other options.  However the Globus parking garage hates me.  Every time I go there the parking tickets fails to recognize that I’ve paid the ticket.  So I have to park, go into the disgusting smoky parking office and try to tell the man Kaput.  He never believes me so he makes me walk with him to the kasse machine where he does indeed see my ticket is kaput.  
Usually this is with kids in tow.
Are you starting to see why driving twenty minutes out of my way to get cash or shopping at the dirtyish, crappy HIT is the better option?  (HIT takes my cc just fine.)  Also HIT carries my chips that I should not eat but do.  Natural’s Balsamic and Vinegar chips.  Before we moved here I didn’t even eat chips (pretty sure I told you that before, in fact I may have blogged this exact post before I really don’t know).
And of course I’ve forgotten my point now…
Oh yeah, what I should do versus what I am doing.  Well, now that took up about ten minutes didn’t it?  And I am sure you’re thinking that’s two minutes of your life you’ll never get back after reading it too.  Well, I feel for ya but we all have to procrastinate what we should be doing somehow don’t we?
I see whining temper tantrum chick has returned again today so I should really go.
For the record, Chick and I are going on 11 months now without a full night sleep (minus two or three nights).  Yep, I’m a laugh these days.  Is post traumatic sleep disorder a condition?   I’m considering checking into an asylum cause I hear they let you sleep there.
One more random fun thing – I ordered Word for Mac (cause I hate the Pages program with passion) and a US keyboard!  Wahoo!  I can stop confusing the y and the z now 🙂

9 thoughts on “What I should do versus what I am doing

  1. Oh I so do feel your pain! I’m not a fan of dragging the kids on all the piddly errands, yet, it’s inevitable.BTW – I’m so jealous that you purchased Word for Mac – if you don’t mind me asking… how much? I can’t stand Pages either – and it isn’t compatible no matter how many times they tell me it is!!


  2. You manage to keep your posts interesting and funny despite the tribulations of daily life…well done!Couple of suggestions from an amateur geek: if your magnetic stripes are consistently becoming defect, check that there is not something magnetic which lives in your purse (sometimes there are magnetic catches, etc. which can wreak havoc).You have bought Word for Mac… a cheaper solution would have been to install Ubuntu linux on the machine and run Word using it (that is what I am doing with my stupid Vista machine which has poisoned the waters so I cannot even run my favorite version of Word: nasty greedy Microsoft).


  3. Y and Z. ‘ and #. Where is the asterisk again? Don’t get me started. By the way, switching languages is one of the beauties of the Mac. We have a Japanese keyboard, but my Japanese Sig Other never uses it–he just types it in phonetically, and hey presto, everything is automatic. Be thankful you don’t need to struggle with Fensters.


  4. Hey- yesterdy I got a membership at Selgros, which is the German equivalent of Costco. Saturday morning at 7 off we go to shop our tooshies off. 24 paks of tp, 5l refills for cleaning products, everything about 40% less than Kaufland prices (which I previously found the best). And they sell a freezer at 40% of teh cost that I have seen (and I have been looking). This has made me very happy in a month where I am pretty unhappy with being in Germany.And my unhappiness is based on just being tired of the “German character”. (Before anyone starts, let me point out I’m married to a German, so I clearly know tha is an overgeneralization.)


  5. lol I read this, this morning when I should have been getting ready to go into kenzie’s class. Thanks for making me procrastinate! 🙂


  6. No chicken breast and they don't take credit cards? Was für ein Quatsch! That's Germany for you – was there on a mission 🙂 Are you in Berlin?I think blogging to avoid domestic duties should probably be classified as a disorder. I'm a sufferer as well 🙂


  7. What a pain!! And Valerie – we had Vista removed, I have NEVER regretted it! And not sure if you look back at older comments, but I commented about your DC trip. A site I posted might help you with a cheaper but nice hotel.


  8. (in response to your comment…) We love the wii… I don't lay anything but the wii fitness.. are you going to get the same work out as if you went to a spinning class? probably not.. but boxing, running, HULA HOOP… you can break a sweat that is for sure… (& you don't feel like you are working out…)It was worth the money for us


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