Double Dose of Birthdays

This week is a double dose of birthdays.  Hubby on the 26th and Boo on the 1st.  One refuses to tell me what he wants (‘nothing really’) and the other has requested a Lego’s Racer that can interchange with his green one (exactly as it is phrased on the list) and, this one cracks me up, a compass holder.  Santa brought him a compass for Christmas and he loves to tell us where we are as we drive.  North, now west, now south.  He’s so stinkin’ cute. 
I actually still need to shop for the presents.  Maybe the word of the week should have been procrastination? (Hubby just called to tell me he found a Disney/Pixar Monopoly game, Boo’s currently in love the with Monopoly game he got from McDonalds.  So he’s getting that.  Even though it’s in German that’s ok it’s easy enough to figure out.)
Busy day today.  I have to clean because we have a sitter tonight (wahoo!) and she cleans houses and babysits (not that she cleans my house) but I can’t let her see my lack of cleaning.  We are going out with Hubby’s co-workers/friends of ours tonight for Italian food.  Yum.  It should be interesting because I will be meeting two new people from Hubby’s work whom I’ve heard mentioned a lot.  It’s been a long time since we’ve gone out and I’m looking forward to it.  Thankfully Boo is better.  And I don’t know why but Chick slept through the night last night.  I am not complaining because we stayed up until midnight so we could catch the new episode of Numb3rs (which comes on at 11 here) and I had a killer headache.  So whatever I did last night to make her sleep please let me do it again tonight.
Only when you’ve had broken nights of sleep for 11 months can you truly appreciate sleeping through the night!

I have my project to finish up before Friday (hopefully going to get done by tomorrow night) and then there’s a book contest that starts on the 2nd I am debating entering but I don’t know if the piece I want to enter is completely ready yet.  I also have the start of my month long psychology of characters class starting the 1st (incidentally also Boo’s bowling birthday party).  
Listen to the words of the first song on my iPod.  Yes, it’s country but it is SO funny!  What song’s do you listen to that the words move you or make you laugh?  Do you have cruise wear?  Do you wish you did?  What are your goals for February?
And in case you’re keeping count like we are
  25 days till we go on our Disney Cruise Vacation!

Upcoming post – cruise wear, I’ll show you mine, you show me yours.

9 thoughts on “Double Dose of Birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday Celebrations to you guys! I love your recent pictures of Miranda. She is such a smiley girl!!! Seeing that huge grin always reminds me of that one update picture of her outside with that cute bucket hat on!


  2. Happy Birthday guys! Hope you both have fantastic ones! Have an awesome night out as well! And keeping my fingers crossed that whatever you did to get chick to sleep that it happens again tonight!


  3. I am counting right along with you!Life is crazy here, we took the roof of the house for our addition/remodel and the 3 weeks of 60-70 degree instantly stopped and the rain gods became very very angry! Lots of buckets, bowls and even frying pans full of water, black tarps all over the house and STRESSED out mommy spells I NEED DISNEY NOW!Hope your date was fun!Janalee


  4. Sleep is SO not over rated! Hope you continue to get some…I’ve never been on a cruise – look forward to seeing the pictures.And happy birthday to both Hubby and Boo. Do you get to do just 1 birthday cake – or 2?


  5. Happy Birhtday to your guys. We have two birthdays as well, my dh and my #2 son. Fun month. And yes you have to have “cruise wear” lol Can’t wait to see it! Problem is I by new cruise wear for each cruise!


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