Hotel Wanted: Hotel Found

I found a hotel for the conference.  I’m just going to be staying at the Marriott the conference is being held at.  I found a roomie so the cost will actually be cheaper than finding somewhere else to stay on my own.  And this way when the time difference kills me by 7 pm all I have to do is crawl upstairs and fall fast asleep.  And Marriott does have those super nice comfy beds and comforters.

So happy day.  Roomie.  Check.  Conference Registration.  Check.  Waiting till the conference in July.  Long Check.

10 thoughts on “Hotel Wanted: Hotel Found

  1. It’s the RWA National Conference (Romance Writers of America). I’m going to hopefully be able get an appointment with an editor and/or agent to talk about my work and maybe they’ll just offer me millions on the spot right? If not I have over 200 writing workshops to chose from for fun :)Want to know more? Visit and click on Conference News.


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