So much more to do

I’m sending off the work project this afternoon after I read through it to make sure it’s the best it can be (sounds like the Army doesn’t it?).  Upcoming events are the Amazon Novel contest starts on the 2nd.  So I have to polish my entry until it shines.  Boo birthday party is Sunday – 7 kids, two parents and bowling.  Should be fun.  Be sure to check back Monday for the pictures!

Today we also got the evaluation from Chick’s speech therapist from July to present.  And it’s discouraging.  She is far below where she should be even for a child adopted from a foreign speaking country.  I just don’t know what to do.  People say kids only have a limited word base at this age.  Fact is, she doesn’t speak at all.  Literally no words that can be identified (by anyone other than us) except mama.  She will be three in May.  It is now recommended that she be seen 2-3 times per week and I just yesterday dropped her to once a week because frankly I don’t see any progress that is significant with this therapist (and the cost is staggering).  And she charges the highest amount legally she is allowed to charge me.  (She told me this herself.)  I am considering moving Chick to the one other therapist (an actual office) and seeing if she’ll be making better progress there.
It’s hard to take in when I had one child who at two spoke in complete sentences and has always had advanced language.  In fact people tell me that if you didn’t know Boo was seven you’d think he was older because he uses words adults use (and I don’t mean the bad ones!).  He can easily engage an adult in a lively conversation.  Two different kids and I do not expect them to be the same.  But for her to be so far, far behind is very hard.  I knew she was delayed but to the degree as pointed out hurts.  Today I plan to research ASL (American Sign Language) because she does know some signs, uses them with frequency and correctly and I think we have to start getting any kind of communication we can going.
It’s not the way I thought adopting a child would be to say the least.  If the process itself didn’t break me, I suppose this won’t either.
*For clarification she is not deaf nor mute.  She has had extensive hearing tests and all auditory function is normal and she does make vocalizations.  She simply can’t connect the sounds with words.  It’s known as verbal apraxia.

2 thoughts on “So much more to do

  1. I think that it would be a great way for her to be able to express herself using some sign! And maybe ease some of her frustration. If you don’t think the present therapist is working out you should for sure look for another. Perhaps they will have another idea or way of working with Chick. I’ll keep her in my prayers that she’ll be talking up a storm soon!


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